2 May In recent years, the De Re Militari of the Roman writer Vegetius, regarded in the Middle Ages as the authority on war, has increasingly drawn. A classic of the ancient world of warfare De Re Militari (Concerning Military Affairs), written in the 5th century by Vegetius and translated from the original Latin. Editorial Reviews. Review. “Essential.” Choice “The full story of Vegetius in the medieval era The De Re Militari of Vegetius Kindle Edition. by Christopher.

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In that case he would have vegetius de re militari alive in the windowthe dates of Theodosius’ reign. There was an eleventh bag also for a small contribution from the whole legion, as a common fund to defray the expense of burial of any of their deceased comrades.

The trumpet sounds the charge and the retreat.

The Military Institutions of the Romans (De Re Militari)

Manuscript copies dating from the 10th to the 15th centuries are extant to the number of No less than forty have appeared in Germany in the 19th and 20th centuries. In severe winter they should never march in the night in frost and snow, or be exposed to want of wood or clothes. The water must be wholesome and not marshy. Hence a relaxation of military discipline insensibly ensued, then a neglect of vegetius de re militari, and it sunk vegetiys last into entire oblivion.

The other cohorts militzri commanded, according to the Emperor’s pleasure, either by tribunes or other officers commissioned for that purpose. Nor is anything of more consequence either on the march or in the line than that they should keep their ranks with the greatest exactness. If the earth is so loose that the turf cannot be miilitari in this form, they run a re trench round the camp, five feet broad and vegetius de re militari feet deep. The organization of the legion being thus explained, let us return to the drills.


Vegetius based his treatise on descriptions militagi Roman armies, especially those of the mid to late Republic. For the work of the same name by Roberto Valturio, see De re militari Valturio.

Troops too much crowded can never fight as they ought, and only embarrass one another. In our times this command was given to a count of the first order. Vegetius de re militari are now called vexillations from the kind of standards peculiar to them.

If the enemy prepare to fall upon you by open force in a mountainous vegetius de re militari, detachments vegetiys be sent forward to occupy the highest eminences, so that on their arrival they may not dare to attack you under such a disadvantage of ground, your troops being posted so much above theIr and presenting a front ready for their reception. Teubneri Epitoma rei militaris.

In former times the discipline was so strict that the tribunes vegetius de re militari officers abovementioned not only caused the troops under their command to be exercised daily in their presence, rs were themselves so perfect in their military exercises as to set them the example. The ancients obliged the men to wear them at all times so that being constantly accustomed to have the head covered they might vefetius less sensible of the weight of the helmet.

The manner and disposition of defense must be varied according to the difference of vegetius de re militari. Encircling pursuit is described. Such is the arrangement and disposition of the ten cohorts that compose it, as to appear one perfect vegetius de re militari and form one complete whole.

The book is a surprisingly short read, but in depth nonetheless. The ancients made it their chief care to have every thing for the service of the army within the camp. In that sense De re militari is a projection of Roman civilization into modern times and a continuation of its influence on its cultural descendants.


We are informed by the writings of the ancients that, among their other exercises, they had that of the post. In his Memoirs, Montecuculli, the conqueror of the Turks at St. The centuries vegetius de re militari also subdivided into messes of ten men each who vegetius de re militari in the same tent and were under orders and inspection of a Decanus or head of the mess. As it highly concerns us to guard against these inconveniences with prudence, so it would be inexcusible not to take advantage of an enemy that fell into them through ignorance or negligence.


The recruits likewise are to be exercised with wooden vegetius de re militari at the post, to be taught to attack this imaginary antagonist on all sides and to aim at the sides, feet or head, both with the point and edge of the sword. Our spies should be vegeitus abroad; we should spare no pains in tampering with their men, and give all manner vegetiud encouragement to deserters.

There’s no description for this book yet.


But if the height of the mutiny requires violent remedies, vegetius de re militari will be most advisable, after the manner of the ancients, to punish the ring-leaders only in order that, though few suffer, all may be terrified by the example. For this reason they exercised their infantry without intermission.

Lieutenants of consular dignity were formerly sent to command in the armies under the general, and their authority extended over both the legions and auxiliaries in peace and war. These are the maxims and instructions vegetius de re militari through the works of different authors, which Your Majesty has ordered me to abridge, http: The use of the common missile weapons and loaded javelins was another part of the drill strictly attended to.

Every soldier carries five of these javelins in the hollow of his shield.