Unigraphics General Interview Questions – Download as Word Doc .doc /.docx), PDF File .pdf), Text File Unigraphics NX Interview Questions and Answers. 13 Jun Some of the most common UG NX interview Questions 1. How to find the complete version of Unigraphics, which you are using? It can be found. 13 Nov UG interview quesions:Part 1 Discuss the answers here. You might also like: UG interview quesions:Part Labels: UG interveiw questions.

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The uses of Grip are. There are two types of constraints. With expressions, you can easily apply major edits to a model. The same model is used from conceptual design to the Drafting, Assembly, Analysis and Manufacturing. In the drafting application you unigraphics interview questions and answers use expand to create and edit objects in specific view.

What is dual dimensioning? Top 10 facts why you need a cover letter?

What Is String Mode? Save your file where command prompt showing unigraphics interview questions and answers Example: How is tube shown in model tree? Datum Axis can be either relative or fixed. Features can then be added to Extract Body feature without appearing on the original body.

We can create 11 types of views in drafting. What does the unigraohics message non manifold mean? You can also decide whether you want he Extract Body feature to update when the original body is changed. Once you have promote a body, you can perform operations on it, such as adding features, unigraphics interview questions and answers Boolean operations between it and other bodies, and so on.


Among these are face oriented operations, constraint based methods, blend regeneration and independence of feature history.

You must specify ansders law answegs each of these three components. What Is B Surface? Making a great Resume: The effects of these operations are only visible at the level of the assembly work part in which the promote was created, and in any other assembly that references that part. It unigraphics interview questions and answers X,Y and Z co-ordinates while creating model. The promote body remains associative to the original body, which is referred to as the base body.

What is the use of edit section components in view? What is the use of visible in view? What Is Datum Plane? What is view dependent edit? You are commenting using your Twitter account. unigraphics interview questions and answers

UG NX Interview Questions and Answers

You can define the shape and function of features, and create hierarchical libraries of features that are tailored to our need. Displayed parts are the parts which can only be displayed but not editable while we can both qjestions and edit a work part. Then we need to use the sweep along guide command.

qurstions How would you find out how a model has been made by other users? Autodesk Revit Practice Tests. What is the use of unfolded section cut in drafting? What Are There Uses?


Error (Forbidden)

Explain different types of continuity. This option creates geometry lines, arcs, conics, and splines using the edges and faces of one unigraphics interview questions and answers more existing bodies. We can use 37 characters for a part file name. If the string mode is not selected we can create only one line or arc at a time.

There are colors in UG.

By using single segment option in Tube we get a single smooth solid along the guide curve. Report Attrition rate dips in corporate India: Autodesk Inventor Interview Questions. Restricting the unigraphics interview questions and answers of freedom Question When you open Unigraphics, you are in the Gateway application unigtaphics this application is a pre-requisite to unigraphics interview questions and answers other application.

In Ruled feature two section strings are necessary. Then we need to use the sweep along guide command. There are Layers in UG. The idea of a virtual assembly taken to its logical conclusion leads to Master Model paradigm.

Explain types of Modeling? This plane is know as sketching plane.