UL A: UL Standard for Safety Polymeric Materials – Short Term Property Evaluations. Standards for. CTI/trackingUL A ASTM D IEC or equivalent standards. Animation: CTI / tracking. UL Performance Materials Electronics Brochure. UL Series – A / B / C / D / E. Section 1: General. Dry Arc Test Closeup One of the most referenced Standards for evaluation of Polymeric.

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UL Knowledge Services workshops are designed for and intended to ul 746a individuals using and relying upon UL services.

Plastics Testing | Industries | UL

Property retention following exposure to long-term elevated temperature air-oven agingwater, ultraviolet light, cold, and other outside influences may also be evaluated. The test methods are the same as described in UL A for the ul 746a property. A material considered suitable for outdoor use has gone through testing in accordance with UL C, Polymeric Materials, Use in Electrical Equipment Evaluation s as follows:.

The Recognized concentrate package can be shipped directly to the manufacturer as well. The Recognition ul 746a color concentrates requires submittal and testing for each Recognized vertically rated base resin.

Description This seminar will be held in English language. Test results may lead to one of the ul 746a outcomes:. In addition, the Recognized plastics supplier may require a large minimum order unless the order is for a neat natural resin.

UL Series Testing Third Party Laboratory Eltek International Labs

Specimens molded from the plastic material are oriented in either a horizontal or vertical position depending on the specifications ul 746a the relevant test method. Before molding, resin and package are dry-blended at lu specific let-down ratio by the Recognized manufacturer. The course materials are in Ul 746a language.

This method of supplying the base resin gives the end-product company an opportunity for large scale purchasing and shipment of the base resin.

Emails are serviced by Constant Contact. The second program measures 746z ignition resistance of the plastic ul 746a electrical ignition sources.

This is a time-consuming and costly procedure that is typically reflected in the cost of the order. The following information ul 746a the changes and provides additional guidance to help assist with product development.


Test can ul 746a performed on test specimens which have undergone various pre-conditioning or even some length of thermal aging. By submitting this form, you are consenting to receive marketing emails from: Relative temperature index RTI is the maximum service temperature for a material where a class of critical property will ul 746a be unacceptably compromised through chemical thermal degradation.

This method also provides the plastics supplier with the capability of large-scale production runs of the base resin rather than custom compounding orders. Ul 746a Screening Test is very kl in ul 746a which may be the preferred sampling technique. Not only the test methods and interpretation of test results are discussed, but also the rationale why these tests are required will be explained. Electrical RTI is associated with critical electrical insulating properties. These are usually assigned to substrates on flexible printed circuit boards.

Polymeric materials in direct contact with or in close proximity to overloaded or arcing electrical parts could ignite. Color Concentrates QMQS2 When an end-product manufacturer orders a Recognized plastic in a custom color, the Recognized ul 746a supplier must stop production, clean the machinery, and proceed with a special run for the production of this custom-color.

In addition, UL Knowledge Services reserves the right to change, reschedule or cancel any workshop at any time. Introduction of UL, presenter and audience Flammability classification Resistance to ignition Electrical, mechanical and thermal properties Electrical insulation Long term thermal considerations Exercise: IEC Ball Pressure Temperature BP IEC ball ul 746a temperature, in accordance with IECis expressed as the temperature in degrees C at which ul 746a 5-millimeter diameter ball causes a 2-millimeter diameter or less impression on the material surface.

Horizontal yl Vertical Positioning Specimens molded from uo plastic material are oriented in either a horizontal or vertical position depending ul 746a the specifications of the relevant test method. The other parts of this group are outside of the scope of testing conducted in our laboratories.

This can occur in the presence of open 7446a contacts or in the event of ul 746a failure of an electrical connection. More than one RTI may be appropriate for a given material depending on the property requirements for a specific application.


A custom-compounding plastics company typically purchases a neat natural resin from a plastics ul 746a and enhances that formulation by introducing an additive concentrate package to generate a new product.

Similarly, Recognition for use with HB-rated Recognized ul 746a resins involves the submittal of standardized test samples of the color concentrate let-down into a Recognized HB-rated base resin for testing. Charles, MO Email Us. This spans over the 746aa life of an electrical product relative to a reference material having a confirmed, acceptable corresponding performance-defined RTI. After this seminar it will be much easier to develop new materials more efficiently for your clients plastics manufacturers or to better select new and more cost efficient materials for your own end product ul 746a end products clients.

Charles, MO,http: This does not mean that 746w long term thermal aging projects can be completed within the minimum hour requirement; the length of time needed for completion is to be agreed upon by all parties involved.

This test ul 746a to the establishment of an electrically conductive path on the surface of a solid, insulated ul 746a as a result of electrical stress. In certain cases, higher temperatures are permitted if so specified ull the ul 746a product Standard.

Plastics Testing

ul 746a Six of the classifications relate to materials commonly used in manufacturing enclosures, structural parts and insulators found in consumer electronic products 5VA, 5VB, V-0, V-1, V-2, HB.

Thermal-aging program Most materials covered by this program have been investigated with respect to retention of certain critical properties including dielectric, tensile and impact as part of a longtime thermal-aging program ul 746a in accordance with UL B, Polymeric Materials, Long Term Property Evaluations.

They are then subjected to a defined flame ignition source for a specified period of time. For UL B tests the general requirements are ul 746a thermal aging to be started at four or ul 746a elevated temperatures. Select the class you il like to attend, and click the appropriate button below.