The Spear of Destiny: The Occult Power Behind the Spear which pierced the side of Christ [Trevor Ravenscroft] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying. Posts about Trevor Ravenscroft written by Keith Fitzpatrick-Matthews. “The Spear of Destiny”: Hitler, the Hapsburgs and the Holy Grail. Although ‘serious. An account of the legendary spear which pierced the side of Christ which has been invested with occult powers. It tells the story of the chain of men who.

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In short, Adolf Hitler was even then beginning to consider the historical process in terms of an ever-changing condition of human consciousness. A number of historians, who perceived how the Grail- inspired spiritual renaissance threatened altogether to eclipse the power of Rome, had written about the sinister relationship of the Landulf and a succession of Popes in their joint attempt to obliterate the esoteric Christianity of the Holy Grail.

At the same time, I believed, and quite wrongly as it turned out, that I could transform his thinking and stimulate some genuine social feeling within him. Clearly one should wish that; for what would Parsival amount to if intended as a serious piece?

The Spear of Destiny : The Occult Power Behind the Spear Which Pierced the Side of Christ

As they raevnscroft their way across the Ring towards the Hofburg, Walter Stein spoke of his astonishment in discovering that the Spear had become the very pivot of historical events in the Middle Ages during the vital most formative era in the future destiny of Europe. He was searched and found to be carrying a long sharp knife on his person.

And Hitler told Stein in yhe that Ernst Pretzsche had discovered that in this enchanting fairytale -like illustration, the whole path to transcendent consciousness was hidden. It was not trevorr before he found himself confronting the same perplexing problems which today still baffle the leading scholars of medieval history and literature.

And there he lay, sick, miserable, malevolent against himself: A man of charismatic personality, rare genius and legendary occult powers, fluent in six languages, a chivalrous Knight and a lyric poet who inspired his Minnesingers to spaer about the Holy Grail. At length with poisoned words it will breed dissension among citizens And will rage like burning fire in the breast of the righteous. How was it that the Knights searching for the most sublime heights of religious experience appeared to be free from the rigours of an ascetic way of life and the vows of celibacy of the monastic orders of the period?


The Spear of Destiny (Ravenscroft) – Wikipedia

I was determined to investigate further and paid a visit without prior arrangement to his Kensington home. Within a central aperture in the blade a hammer-headed nail was secured by a cuff threaded with metal wire.

In short, the Chronicle of Anschau was a form of Cosmic Chronicle in which past, present and future were united in a higher dimension of time. The Admirals son who was chased by Demons. The public slanging match between Nietzsche and Wagner was by no means a one-sided affair. Stein recounted this dramatic scene in the Hofburg, I asked him what course would have been open to him had he realised the fearful reign of terror and destruction which would be unleashed by the evil powers working through Adolf Hitler.

Whoever the commentator was, he was widely read and his quotes were both relevant and illuminating enough to bring to life the enigmatic verses of the minnesinger.

May 28, Fernando Silva rated it really liked it. Only when the day arrived for the beginning of the Spring Semester did he start to bring the sharp edge of his critical faculties into a concentrated effort to find out what really lay behind this apparently innocent tale sung by a wandering minnesinger to the Germanic trrevor in the thirteenth century. He was dressed in a sleazy black ravenscrkft, far too large for him, and toes were visible through a crack in his shoes beneath frayed trouser ends.

On the blank pages at the end of the sestiny, he discovered some quotations from a contemporary Chronicler describing the events in the life of the Landulf. He was talking of a Mandate which, one day, he would receive from the people to lead them from servitude to the heights of freedom — a special mission which would one day be entrusted to him.

This particular picture, which Hitler had brought along with him, depicted the Knights Parsival, Gawain and Feirifis, the three heroes of the tale, standing before the Hermitage of Treverezcnt, the aged and wise Guardian of the secrets of the Grail. In my opinion there is much to the world around us than it is visible ravenscrooft there are many currently tne things that one day will be explained. Richard Wagner understood how the Landulf s magical rites, involving horrible sexual perversions and human sacrifices, had a devastating effect on the secular leaders of Christian Europe.


The Spear of Destiny by Trevor Ravenscroft

Nazi’s were no different and they had some pretty strange xpear weird pseudo-religious approach and philosophy. Supporting his interpretations of the mysteries of the Grail, the unknown hand had quoted from innumerable sources — Eastern religions, Mysticism, Alchemy, Astrology, Yoga, Mythology, Ancient Greece and Rome, and a very large number of historical works and chronicles of the medieval age.

Hitlers’ quest for the Spear of Longinus. Apparently Adolf Hitler resented the intrusion when Walter Stein stood behind him and paid some trivial compliment about the large water-colour he was painting of the Ring. Hitler was somewhat appeased.

A sign that the path to the destiy of the Grail has been obliterated and that the Grail Community has been severed from a vision of the celestial hierarchies and confined forever within the world of the senses. A better introductory book to the topic is Peter Levenda’s Unholy Alliance.

Hitler was impressed with how the Spear had changed hands generation by generation, passing from hand to hand in a chain of claimants who held it with ravensccroft motives. Was he a witness of the incorporation of the Spirit of ravfnscroft Anti-Christ in this deluded human soul?

The Spear of Destiny

His sense of mission ravendcroft now enkindled to the point of pain. Jan 04, Sara rated it it was ok. What have you done to overcome him? And when Stein produced the annotated copy of Parsival Hitler was greatly incensed, angrily cursing Pretzsche for daring to sell one of the books he had left in pawn. On each occasion he followed the same procedure and discovered he had not made a single error, only minor spelling mistakes in writing down the ancient idiom.

Walter Stein reluctantly conceded it a kind of crude genius, albeit a dark and brooding genius filled with resentment and hatred for the freedom of the individual and the equity of mankind. This one is a really really weird book. For Parsival is a work of perfidity, of vindictiveness, of a secret attempt to poison the presuppositions of life — spearr bad work. Mar 04, Don rated it really liked it.