Chess Story, also known as The Royal Game, is the Austrian master Stefan Zweig’s final achievement, completed in Brazilian exile and sent off to his American. 13 Dec So begins “The Royal Game”, by Stefan Zweig, perhaps the best chess story ever written, perhaps the best about any game. Never mind that. 3 Apr On 15 August , Stefan Zweig and his wife set sail for Brazil, where they two years after his death, and now appears as The Royal Game.

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Nov 18, Deb Grove rated it it was amazing. Nothing awakens the imagination more in an immature mind than to be following a trail in the dark.

Highly recomme Zweig is a master storyteller! Each of these five long short stories probably too long to be short stories and too short to be novellas is a psychological thriller, describing obsession so clearly that you, the reader, are swept up its suspense.

When the movie The Grand Budapest Hotel brought his name back into public attention, I decided it might be time to finally read the dang thing. May 14, Rachelle Urist rated it it was amazing. It is not really a political piece, or even a cautionary tale about obsession.

He divides himself into Black and White which eventually leads him to temporary insanity. This book was published postumously, after Zweig committed suicide in Brazil, one of seve Each story is exquisitely conceived and composed.


Chess Story

The Royal Game is indeed beautifully structured if a touch histrionic in its characterisation. It is both the royal game and the conceit around which a larger game is perennially rooyal Zweig [] had a keen insight to the human mind, especially its darker side.

The Royal Game and Other Stories 4. Aug 16, Fabio rated it it was amazing.

There are no spoilers here. His next story related the serious misadventures of a colonial doctor in the Malay state implored by a beautiful stranger to end her unwanted pregnancy. The little boy is true to character from beginning to end!

Zweig could no longer maintain his detachment: He becomes obsessed with a married English woman who seeks his help with a discreet situation, but who contemptuously rejects his crass pursuit, causing his complete lapse of self control and gamme him to run maniacally amok. On the Road Jack Kerouac. It tells of a man who outwits the Gestapo and manages to find a way to go on living until the methods he used in his earlier survival threaten to drive him mad and shatter his new-found hold on life.

Views Read Edit View history. Playboy had just commissioned me to cover the Fischer-Spassky match in Iceland.

The Royal Game : Stefan Zweig :

It tells of a man who outwits the Gestapo and manages to find a way to go on living until the methods he I got this book of Zweig’s, dismayed to find that it was the ONLY book by this wonderful writer in the Greensboro Public Library. B asks whether he may tell the story of how he came to be so good at chess and narrates his compelling tale which takes up the best part of the novella. It is obvious Zweig still felt Hitler’s betrayal and deceit when he invaded Gamee home country, Austria, after promising he would leave it alone, stefn that feeling has colored all his stories.


Filled with emotional extreme from obs Stefan Zweig gained early fame as a poet, translator, and biographer. Czentovic immediately suggests a return game to restore his honour. Fear was made zwig Ingrid Bergman by husband director Rossellini.

Then he began yet another book: We are experiencing technical difficulties. Does her husband know? Nothing sharpens the intelligence more than emotional suspicion. Historical Fiction Literary Fiction Category: It’s an over-the-top groupie tthe, and it felt artificial throughout; even though its insight into a certain kind of narcissistic personality is fairly interesting. The Royal Game is up there with the best novels I’ve read.