A page book explaining Christ’s humor, The Humor of Christ, by Elton Trueblood maintains, correctly, “Any alleged Christianity which fails to express itself. 9 May there is good evidence that Jesus taught with humor and used irony, and . “The Humor of Christ” by Elton Trueblood, HarpersCollins. The Humor of Christ. Front Cover. Elton Trueblood. Harper & Row, – THE UNIVERSALITY OF CHRISTS HUMOR. in Christs use of irony.

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What I found best about the book was that it made Jesus seem more like a real person, not just an idea floating around out there. Although I enjoyed the book, Eltton is another book I rescued from a stack of donations to the SPU Library that were on their way the humor of christ elton trueblood be discarded or destroyed and before anyone protests, this is usually done only because one or more copies of the donated book are already held in SPU’s general collection.

It’s the reason for my first sentence.

Irony, satire, paradox, even laughter itself help clarify Christ’s famous parables, Trkeblood brief sayings, and important events in His life.

By default, I’ve always imagined Him as the s “I’m the way the truth and the life. In a valuable appendix 30 humorous Gospel passages are listed for further study. I see a lot of Trueblood’s thoughts lived on through this man.

James rated it really liked it Nov 22, Well, I finally got to it and eltoon thin the humor of christ elton trueblood is packed with all kinds of wisdom about humor.


Elton Trueblood has tackled a difficult, neglected, but vital topic for understanding the Bible in general and Jesus in particular. It’s encouraging to be reminded that He laughed too.

The humor of Christ

Julie rated it liked it Apr 29, Jesus was poking fun at a vicious, immoral, murderous tyrant by comparing him not to a lion or a bear but to a fox! Jesus kf constantly hilarious and the fact that this is missed accounts for so much drab in the church.

This book was like listening to someone explain a joke that you didn’t get, not very fun, truebloos it explores an aspect of Jesus’ ministry that apparently was prominent, but we tend to ignore. Trueblood does a good job showing Jesus’ strategic use of the humor of christ elton trueblood and irony. Trueblood invites us to see how Jesus uses irony and other tools of humor to make a point.

Do We Miss the Humor of Christ When We Read the Gospels? – Blog – Eternal Perspective Ministries

And what could be more ridiculous than swallowing a camel? In our culture, most humor is based on joke telling, verbal ambiguities, and physical comedy. Nonetheless, this book is clear, lucid and somewhat interesting. Oct 17, Jacob O’connor rated it liked it.

Then think of the approving smiles of the poor and oppressed in the crowds who finally saw someone unafraid to confront these pseudospiritual false shepherds. Trivia About The Humor of Chri I read an autographed copy thd to me by my parents. Full disclosure – I don’t usually read the Gospels that way. The humor of christ elton trueblood Alcorn randyalcorn is the author of over fifty books and the founder and director of Eternal Perspective Ministries.


Sep 09, Sarah rated it really liked it.

Return to Book Page. Trueblood challenges the picture of a “humor-less” Jesus, and he brings out the irony and humor in Christ’s words and parables.

Mark Hollingsworth rated it really liked it May 15, Share Pinterest facebook twitter gplus. He calls the humor of Christ a “neglected aspect” of his human incarnation. What I found best about the book was that it made Jesus seem more like a real person, not just an idea I was really excited to read this book when I the humor of christ elton trueblood it at our church treublood.

The Humor of Christ – Elton Trueblood – Google Books

Humor does not always survive intact from one culture to another. There are numerous passages. However, this is a good book to a I have a professor who was mentored by Trueblood himself. Want to Read saving….