Title, The Golden Stool. Author, Edwin W. Smith. Contributor, F. D. Lugard. Publisher, Folcroft Library Editions, ISBN, , The Golden Stool: Some Aspects of the Conflict of Cultures in Modern Africa. Front Cover. Edwin W. Smith. BCP Books on Demand, – pages. The Golden Stool (), a plea for sympathetic understanding of Africans by Edwin W. Smith was a pioneer who appropriated social anthropology for.

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Germany, unified after the war of and enriched with a rapidly developing industry, entered suddenly into the scramble by raising her flag, first in Damaraland and then in East Africa in Later her goldeb was recognized over a narrow strip of Morocco which in recent years has cost her heavily in men, money and prestige.

Hamza marked it as to-read Apr 15, The aims of Education. It was not there, however, and evidently the soil had never been disturbed.

The Golden Stool: Some Aspects of the Conflict of Cultures in Modern Africa

The extension of their dominions brought the Ashantis in the early years of last century to the sea-coast, where English forts had been built. After capturing and burning the town he concluded the golden stool by edwin w smith treaty with the King.

White men still need the black to cultivate the ground for them. Now among them the energetic white man has forced his way, with his railways and motor the golden stool by edwin w smith, his flying-machines, his passion for volden metals, his hunger for amith, his need for trade, dewin desire for rapidly and easily acquired wealth, his ardour for putting things right in this crooked world.


These conclusions have recently been controverted brilliantly by Dr. The finest race will deteriorate when such a notion becomes a rule of life.

That is to say, translations have been issued since From collectivism to individualism.

The Golden Stool – Edwin W. Smith – Google Books

And the question now takes this form: Induce him, if you can. There has probably never been a more lucrative trade in the world. King Leopold took the initiative by calling the Brussels Conference gklden — a conference which might have led to international agreement and to something like a system of The golden stool by edwin w smith such thd regulate the holding of the late German colonies to-day under the League of Nations. The temporary confusion caused by Christian Missions.

The early records of West Africa make very depressing reading. His fears were not unwarranted.

Stevens, White and Black, p. Here as elsewhere I agree fully with Mr. Co-operation of White and Black. But it would be folly to ignore that there is another side of the question.

The Golden Stool: Some Aspects of the Conflict of Cultures in Modern Africa by Edwin W. Smith

Some other effects of the advent of Wdwin civilization are not so apparent to us, but they are very real to the Africans. The meeting described was held on March 28th.

Hobhouse by the Rev. Commercial, strategical and philanthropic reasons entered into it.

Smith, Edwin Williams (1876-1957)

He carries the entire mining industry upon his shoulders. Kim Joshua-jones marked it as to-read May 12, K Happily a League of Nations is in being. But the road-makers had seen too much, and evidently subsequent reflection led them to realise what had happened. Mean- while other forces are at work.


On the shores of the Pool a modem city named Kinshasa has now been built as the capital of the Belgian Congo. Nor does any one know how many of the non-belligerents perished in their villages thi’ough famine and disease.

But our concern here is with the effect upon the black man.

To attract this labour is not always easy, especially where the population is scant sfool the Natives are encouraged to grow economic crops for export.

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But as regards our interim balance sheet, it must be confessed that were any one to say that the account is against Europe it would be difficult to contradict his statement. After all tliis can it be wondered that the prestige of the white race has suffered in the war? It is theoretically possible, if not as yet practicable, for my old colleagues in Northern Rhodesia to listen to this lecture delivered in Manchester.