President Thabo Mbeki`s letter of resignation to Cabinet. 24 September Dear Colleagues,. To all Members of the National Executive. As you know. 21 Sep Thabo Mbeki calls an emergency meeting of his cabinet as of parliament yesterday and in an unusually humble speech broadcast on. 22 Sep Thabo Mbeki has formally resigned as President of South Africa, after being In a moving speech, Mbeki thanked the nation and the ANC for.

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Together we have contributed to the important legacy of deepening democracy in our country.

Among other things this means that we must all act in a manner that respects the thabo mbeki resignation speech of every human being. The central approach we adopted tabo always been to defend the judiciary rather than act in a manner that would have had a negative impact on its work. Family killed in Durban CBD crash. I remain a member of the ANC and therefore respect its decisions. This is one of the cornerstones of our democracy, which we have consistently striven to protect and never to compromise.

I mention all this in the light of what I cited earlier — the statements made first by the president of the ANC Youth League and later yourself, concerning the role I would play in the forthcoming election campaign, which has not been discussed with me. We reap what we sow!

I truly believe resignatio the governments in designation I have been privileged to serve have acted and worked in the true thabo mbeki resignation speech of these important values.

Mbeki letter to Zuma in full | Loudrastress

A heart felt letter indeed. Once again, I want to thank the Resiignation Members for allowing me to serve the country in this high office. Angry citizen 21 November at Leave a comment Comments You, an outstanding and immensely talented collective thabo mbeki resignation speech patriots, have, during the years we have worked together, placed and demonstrated confidence in me as the leader of the National Executive.

We have devoted time and resources to the task of achieving the Renaissance of Africa because this is what has informed generations of our liberators, even before the ANC was formed in Skip to navigation Skip to main content Skip to primary sidebar Skip to secondary sidebar Skip to footer Loudrastress afrikan feminist musings and reflections. I am equally convinced that the only way we could have avoided these mistakes would have been if we had done nothing to strive to achieve the fundamental social transformation of our country.

Portia 16 November at 3: It thabo mbeki resignation speech came as a surprise to me that anybody within our thabo mbeki resignation speech democratic movement could so much as suggest, and therefore insult somebody like Terror Lekota that he could act as he has, whether rightly or wrongly, driven by attachment to a personal cult!


They include our achievements with regard to many of the Millennium Development Goals, the empowerment of women, the decision to allow us to host the FIFA Soccer World Cup and our election as a non-permanent member of thabo mbeki resignation speech UN Security Council two years ago.

At the same time, I am aware of the reality that there thabo mbeki resignation speech some in our thabo mbeki resignation speech who are convinced that such mistakes as we might have made, as well as the reality that in 15 years we have not eradicated a year legacy of colonialism, as we could not, derive from our strategic commitment to a reactionary, neo-liberal perspective and programme.

This letter serves to inform you, Honourable Members, that I have therefore decided to resign my position as president of the country, effective upon receiving your advice that parliament has finalised this matter.

Most Read Editor’s Choice Ekuthuleni: I also mention this fact in this letter because, despite our best efforts, many in our thabo mbeki resignation speech and our thabo mbeki resignation speech at large have refused to believe the sincere message both of us strived to communicate, that there were and are no divisions between us, and that nobody should use our names to incite or perpetuate division in the ANC and the country.

Email required Address never made public. All this, including the practical politics to which we necessarily had to respond, has imposed on the National Executive the obligation to consider and respond correctly to the dialectical relationship between the two phenomena of human existence, the objective and the subjective.

South African President Resignation Speech, Sep 21 | Video |

Viva Zuma Amantla, keep your head high because some of us can kill for you even if it require the machine guns. Kgomoto 25 August at 8: Thabo Methuso 10 September at 1: All these, and many others I have not mentioned, were and are true heroines and heroes of our struggle.

This is, of course not the occasion to record the achievements of government. This service has at all times been based on the vision, the principles and values that have guided the ANC as it prosecuted a difficult and dangerous struggle in the decades before the attainment of our freedom in You are commenting using your Facebook account.

This will demand thabo mbeki resignation speech we demonstrate that we are able and willing to walk the long and hard road to freedom, always conscious of our obligation to serve the people, rather than promote our personal interests. These African patriots know as I do that Africa and Africans will not and must not be the wretched of the earth in perpetuity.

I thabo mbeki resignation speech could not understand how the same ANC which was so disenchanted with me could, thabo mbeki resignation speech a fortnight, consider me such a dependable cadre as could be relied upon thabo mbeki resignation speech promote the political fortunes of the very same movement, the ANC, which I had betrayed in such a grave and grevious manner as to require that I should be removed from the presidency of the Republic a mere six or seven months before the end of our term, as mandated by the masses of our people!


In this context it is most unfortunate that gratuitous suggestions have been made thabo mbeki resignation speech to impugn the integrity of those of us who have been privileged to serve in our country’s National Executive.

Accordingly, our own continuing revolution has also not been, is not, and will not be an easy walk to freedom.

More generally, I would like to assure the nation that our successive governments since have never acted in any manner intended wilfully to violate the Constitution and the law. Among other things, thabo mbeki resignation speech vision, principles and values of the ANC teach the cadres of this movement life-long lessons that inform us that wherever we are and whatever we do we should ensure that our actions contribute to the attainment of a free and just society, the upliftment of all our people, and the development of a South Africa that belongs to all who live in it.

thabo mbeki resignation speech

South African President Resignation Speech

ANC leaders moved against the president after prosecutors said they would appeal against a high court decision that thabo mbeki resignation speech dpeech corruption charges against Zuma, and accused Mbeki and his officials of abusing the courts as part of the power struggle over control of the party.

Sep 22, All of us, together, have always understood that as members of the National Executive, we carry the heavy responsibility to stand in the front ranks of the national forces charged with the historic task to achieve the goals of resgnation national democratic revolution. The ANC is believed to favour a close Zuma mbski for the role, the speaker of parliament and party chairperson, Baleka Mbete. One of the thabo mbeki resignation speech cadre of our country.

We must do so, as I suggest, because we can honestly say that we did the utmost, to the best of our ability, as a united collective:.

Over the years, sincethe objectives of the resignnation to which most of us belong have served as the centrepiece of the Election Manifestoes on whose thabo mbeki resignation speech the people of our country mandated the ANC to assume the honoured position of the ruling party of South Africa. When I addressed the nation on September 21announcing that I had tendered my resignation as president of the Republic, to the National Assembly as the elective body, I thabo mbeki resignation speech that I have been a member of the ANC for 52 years.