Stasiland: Stories from Behind the Berlin Wall [Anna Funder] on * FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. “Stasiland demonstrates that great. Stasiland has ratings and reviews. Steven said: It wasn’t until about a third of the way though reading Anna Funder’s riveting piece of factual. Stasiland demonstrates that great, originalreporting is still possible. Stasiland. Stories from Behind the Berlin Wall. by Anna Funder. On Sale: 09/20/

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She has an informal, almost casual approach, injecting personal feelings and experiences into the story, along with vivid descriptions of her surroundings and the characters she encounters. The stalking of Miriam and the parades was not horror romance.

Stasilannd had really high hopes and expectations with regard to this book. They heard on the radio that Gorbachev wasn’t gonna help them anymore. The 1,year Reich lasted 12 years, the GDR I pretty much count anyone who thinks that people who got fired because they got sick and lost their health insurance because they were fired because they got sick are lazy are motherfucking assholes and These stories were real eye openers for me and made me feel glad to live in a country were freedom is assured.

By placing an advertisement in xnna newspaper she arranged meetings with a number of old Stasi-men, including the noble renegade Karl-Eduard von Schnitzler, who once hosted a notorious television programmerunning down the west. I have heard and read that the westies treat the ossies like second class citizens it also says this in Funder’s book because they are poorer and didn’t have the money to buy all of the fancy merchandise.

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And I think because Stasiland is a personal book and it never seeks to be objective in the sense a history book might aim to be, Annw Funder is in a position to take sides and becomes This was quite a fascinating book, especially since it’s a bit of a walk down memory lane for me. Nov 15, Mariel rated it really liked it Recommends it for: Jul 16, martin rated it liked it Shelves: She used classified ads to reach former members of stasilannd Stasi and anti-Stasi organizations and interviewed them extensively.

Stasilajd is being developed for the stage by The National Theatre in London. Book Club Girl book clubs. Was everyone on a power trip? She found them living annw the same drab houses in compounds on the outskirts of Potsdam; the same stained Plattenbauten – or high rise blocks – in East Berlin; and frequenting the same pubs they did in their glory days. It is true that some 43, people died in concentration camps in the Russian zone before Stalin’s death put an end to the more murderous years of the GDR, but even that monstrous tally is small compared with the Nazis’.

The Stasi guarded and secured the rule of East Germany’s Communist Party for four decades, during which it seeped into every tiny crevice of East German society. Want to Read saving…. Besides, nearly everyone not over 45 I saw in Berlin looked like American hipsters.

Retrieved from ” https: The only difference was they now had plenty of time on their hands. In fact, even as she interviews people she admits to drinking heavily, and many mornings she wakes with a hangover; not exactly professional behavior.

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The hardest books to review are those that you almost love. See the newest novels, discuss with other book lovers, buy romance books online. In this book, Anna Funder tells extraordinary tales from the underbelly of the former East Germany, including the story of Miriam, who as a year-old might have started World War III. I really geeked out in the DDR museum.

And can you keep walking if those steps are no longer your own? The narrator, Denica Fairman, was excellent, although all the men had the same voice and the women another.

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She peppers her narrative with details that just seem fake. It is an Orwellian nightmare and it really happened. If you have insurance not get out of paying it?

Maybe it’s not about looking for heroes but looking for relations. They lived in a world that is so absurd and unbelievable that it is hard to imagine. The story of Miriam and Charlie is so sad. Of course, it is too superficial in parts but for people who don’t know much about East German history and don’t want to read a full-on history book, this is a great introduction!

But awwww look how cute they are!

L’orrore viene da quello che hanno fatto in nome di quel sogno. Totally not a historical book in any real sense of the word; it reads like fiction. Ms Funder’s somber account keeps true to the timbral properties– the murk, must, and banality of the regime.