23 Jul Is anyone aware of a downloadable version of the Spyderco Sharpmaker instructional video? Mine came with a VHS copy of the instructions. 9 Dec So I went back to the Sharpmaker’s manual and noticed it mostly talked about the 40 deg. setting. “Hmmm,” I thought to myself, “I wonder if. 17 Dec I am getting an older sharpmaker ready to sell and I cannot find the manual. I checked in the I’ve got this older Spyderco manual [​IMG].

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Spyderco Sharpmaker deg or 40 deg? I will have to re-think where I am doing my sharpening or perhaps mount the Sharpmaker to a board of some size for stabilization. Spyderco makes sure to sharpen all of our own knives at less than 40 degrees so our intructions can resharpen more easily.

Search Forums Recent Posts. Search Media New Media. In the case where the steel just can’t handle it, then indeed the 40 degree or thicker edge in general will last longer. But for many types of cutting, it is provable through cutting experiments that a thinner edge can last longer! Again, paint your bevel and review under magnification.

Get a jeweler’s loupe or kid’s microscope that has a light. Users browsing this forum: Make certain you are using the correct level of courseness for the task at hand. I also recommend to invest in a really good diamond benchstone for serious reprofiling. Dec 9, 1. Don’t Get Distracted It is not a good idea to get distracted while handling sharp objects! Dec 9, Not everyone in the general market is sharpening only Spyderco knives.

The cleaner the stones are the better and more consistant that they abrade the metal. Oct 8, Messages: Hi EDCeeker, 40 degrees is recommended shharpmaker all edges, “in general”. Dec 9, 2. I do not know if these links will paste in the way that I have them, but if you search for Spyderco Sharpmaker, Spyderco has uploaded the video instructions in four parts to YouTube.


Be Instructtions If your sharpening task involves a very dull or damaged blade it can take a l-o-n-g time to get the edge where you want it.

Thanks for the link. I have tried many cleaning products on the Spyderco stones soyderco I’ve yet to find one as good as BKF is. Spyderco uses exceptional steels that should easily maintain a 30 degree edge. And the forums are a good source of info. Study them both [before] shaarpmaker the SharpMaker and refer to them frequently.

This is a fast way to ruine your tip and the lines of your blade. Slatts, I don’t agree that a knife with a 40 degree edge will necessary hold its edge longer than a knife with a 30 degree edge.

Being brand new to sharpening VG I was frustrated, as I was able to get another primary bevel on it with a whetstone and use the sharpmaker to get a good working edge, I could never get it as sharp as I could get my Victorinox knives. Get lighter on the last strokes.

Sharpmaker MF manual |

By continuing to use this site, you insttuctions agreeing to our use of cookies. But, seriously, before I did that 15 degrees worked good, as the factory angle was less than that, and I had no chipping after the first few sharpenings. The Devil’s in the Bevel If you don’t get the bevel correct your sharpening efforts will be almost futile.

This feels right to me. Yes, my password is: In your zpyderco are you sitting, standing, at what level is the Sharpmaker relative to your body, etc.? If you don’t use the safety rods you will most certainly wish you did. If the bevel really needs work, a whetstone or the diamond rods is advisable.


Seeing Is Believing Work in a well lit area to better see your progress and blade position on the rods. Depends on what you’re cutting and how good you are at cutting it. Control the tip at the bottom, then left the knife off the stone.

Spyderco Forums

Spyferco suggestion is that if your knife can’t hold an edge at 30 degrees, instead of backing off to 40 degrees, just get a better knife. This will help preserve the tip and perhaps keep you from running of the rods with your tip.

My very limited experience agrees with Joe that if the steel can handle it the edge retention goes way up with a thinner angle. I personally use 30 degrees on all of my Spyderco’s and I usually have a few that are much thinner for personal shsrpmaker. No, create an account now. Advanced sharpeners like to go instrkctions smaller angles.

The most common reason for this is that you’re letting the tip slip off the stone occasionally when you get to the bottom of the stroke. The improvements in my technique are somewhat subtle, but here I think is where I learned to sharpen VG better 1 Don’t move on to sharpen the edge until the bevel is in good shape.