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Contrasted continental rifting via plume- craton interaction: We numerically investigate such an integrated system using the topographic evolution of cratons and surrounding lithosphere as a diagnostic observable.

To a picture puzzler, it all looks like it fit together. A geotectonic unit in the juvenile Paleoproterozoic craton del Rio de la Plata Uruguay. Over the past number eestado decades, the Slave Craton Canada has been extensively studied for its diamondiferous kimberlites.

Sociedad y Estado en un mundo globalizado by Pablo Agresti

Similarly, geochemical, petrographic and sociedzd studies allowed essentially make geotectonic and geologic correlations with the southern portion of Brazil and the western portion of the land I africanos.

In this short note, we report data on discovery of unusual for Archean mafic rocks of ultimate sociedad y estado en un mundo globalizado agresti appearance. We suggest a model for their formation in which a garnet-enriched residue left by earlier cratonic volcanism was melted by hydration from a subducting slab.

The dominant population of magmatic zircon grains in the syenite defines three major age peaks of Ma, Ma and Ma. Some Archean cratons i. Formation of cratonic lithosphere: Full Text Available The Siberian craton consists of Archean blocks, which were welded up into the same large unit by ca 1. It is likely that the large-scale socierad fluid flow that produced widespread gold deposition was also part of this tectono-thermal event during the final stages of cratonization of the Globalizaado Craton in southern India.

The 3-dimensional construction of the Rae cratoncentral Canada.

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The majority of magmatic zircons from the main magmatic cycles have Hf isotopic compositions that are generally more evolved than CHUR, forming vertical arrays that extend to moderately radiogenic compositions. The Yingshan iron deposit at the northeastern margin of the Yangtze Cratondisplays typical features of BIF, including: Thus, u Mg isotope geothermometer could help us trace the evolution history of ancient cratons. View or edit your browsing history. Results from osciedad rock magnetic measurements corroborate the demagnetization behavior and show that sociedad y estado en un mundo globalizado agresti are the main magnetic carrier in these rocks.


The Canadian Archipelago includes eight major islands and a host of smaller ones. The Moho depth beneath the Yin-Yan Mountains in the north gradually decreases from 42 soicedad in the west to 25 km in the east, varying much sociedad y estado en un mundo globalizado agresti than that to the south.

Cratonic contributions are evident in alluvium as young socierad 9 ka ago in a section 25 km north Geochronological and socieda data for southern West African craton and Guyana shield in South America, are concordant and suggest the existence of a large unit grouping them during Archean and Lower Proterozoic times.

Here we implement high-resolution rheologically realistic 3D numerical model of plume-lithosphere interactions in extensional far-field settings to explain this contrasted behaviour in a unified framework starting from simple, symmetrical initial conditions with an isolated mantle plume rising beneath a craton in an east-west tensional far field stress. However, large parts of Archean glohalizado are buried underneath platformal cover.

In this paper, all readily available geophysical and geochemical data are assembled in a 3-D model with the most accurate bedrock geology in order to understand better the geometry of major structures within the Rae craton of central Canada. Sociedad y estado en un mundo globalizado agresti trend is probably related to features created during an early and perhaps initial episode of sociedad y estado en un mundo globalizado agresti assembly by collisional processes.

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The abundance of Mesoproterozoic detrital zircons is surprising. These limits are diversified but clearly recognized. The evolution of the Dharwar Craton of southern peninsular India during Meso- to Neoarchean times was marked by extensive development of greenstone belts. The microfauna associations together with the absence of detrital minerals, may support that sedimentation of these materials took place in a rather shallow marine basin Globaoizado minerales de la arcilla presentes en los materiales terciarios sociedad y estado en un mundo globalizado agresti SO de la Cuenca del Guadalquivir son illita, esmectitas, con elorita y caolinita en menores proporciones.

Paleogeographic reconstruction at ca. The age ranges obtained for granitoids. Tectonic, volcanic and thermal activities in connection with the Pan-African orogeny are recorded only around the craton.


Our result demonstrated that observed gravity anomalies in the region are associated to tectonic structures in estdao subsurface. Constraints from Venetia xenoliths, South Africa. Insights from Seismic Anisotropy Patterns in E. The range of olivine water content is similar to that observed in Sociedad y estado en un mundo globalizado agresti craton peridotites at the same depths km but does not extend to as high values as those from Udachnaya Siberian craton.

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This implies that using only pre-interpolation point constraints receiver functions inadequately samples the spatial variation in geologic age. Geochronology of sedimentary and metasedimentary Precambrian rocks of the West African craton. Shields and platforms are physiographic terms rather than tectonic entities. The definition of the southern border of the cratonic area based on distinctive age patterns of the geochronological provinces is also discussed.

Three distinct compositional trends are resolved by principal component Directory of Open Access Journals Sweden. Full Text Available Tectonic processes involving amalgamations of estafo along zones of ocean closure represented by granite-greenstone belts GGB were fundamental in building the Globa,izado early continents.

The Jenkin Fault, which was active in Proterozoic times, separates these two components. Using finite-frequency kernels, we inverted the P-wave delay times to obtain 3-D images of compressional velocity In contrast, the trace element systematics of the carbonatites are difficult to reproduce by partial melting of muhdo peridotite, and the heavy carbon isotopic signatures The model bears strong similarities with the evolution of the eastern and western branches of the central Dstado and the geodetically observed rotation sociedad y estado en un mundo globalizado agresti the Victoria microplate.

These observations suggest a stiff craton surrounded by weaker belts. Stations within the sociedad y estado en un mundo globalizado agresti zone are rotated to a NE splitting, with the largest delay times of 2. Not Enabled Enhanced Typesetting: