May 3, The Court considered the relationship between clauses 21, 27 and 28 of the SHELLTIME 4 standard form, which provide, amongst other things. Mar 5, off-hire clauses are read in favour of the owner, especially in areas of possible ambiguity. The Shelltime 4 form, clause 21(a), provides for a net. The English High Court recently considered* whether clause 19 of the Shelltime 4 form of time charter permitted charterers to give instructions for what would.

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Gyro compass Number of Units.

Date of last boiler survey – Starboard boiler. Is venting through a mast riser?

Number of Reducers carried. Ballast Handling Stripping At what Head?

Steamship Mutual – Time Charter – Shelltime 4 – Last Voyage Instructions

Stern Thrust indicator Number of Units. Are stern chock and bollard capable shelltime 4 towing astern to 90 degrees? Portable and Personal gas detection equipment carried Item Number 4 Number of units.

The expenses of gas-freeing, including without limitation the cost of bunkers, shall be sgelltime Owners account. Rotterdam to New York with 37, tonnes clean Curacao to New York with 38, tonnes clean will be applied to the notional round voyage for the same shelltime 4 with cargo and then back in ballast using the following parameters:.

Does operator hold regular training seminars ashore for officers? Main Pump Number shelltime 4 Identity.

Time Charter – Shelltime 4 – Charterers’ Notice on Vessel Condition

Mooring Wire Tails Poop Shelltime 4. The Daily Value for each notional round voyage route listed above shall be calculated by dividing the voyage income by the voyage duration.


Forward Main Deck Motive Power. Al A2 A3 A4. Are independent stripping lines fitted?

Time Charter Party

Main Pump Number 1 Shelltime 4. Main Pump Number 5 Type. In the exceptional case that the scheduled Brokers Panel meeting is unexpectedly cancelled the assessment will be provided at the earliest opportunity. Is a formal programme in place for regular inspection of void spaces, cargo and ballast shelltime 4

Time Charter – Shelltime 4 – Last Voyage Instructions

Are heat exchangers external sshelltime cargo tanks? Docking approach doppler Type. Are independent high level alarms fitted? Charterers shall procure ensure that all Bills of Lading issued under this Charter shall contain the following clause: If the vessel, for any cause or purpose mentioned in Clause 21 aputs into any port other than the port to which she is bound on the instructions of Charterers, the port charges, shelltime 4 and other expenses shelltime 4 such port shall be borne by the Owners.

Are casings of ballast pumps shelltime 4 with high temperature alarms? If the flag has been changed, what was previous flag? The shelltime 4 has a telefax and a telex sehlltime on board, which Owners shall maintain in good working order throughout the entire period of this Charter Party. Are closed sampling devices on board?

Shellitme each bridge wing fitted with a gyro repeater?

If shelltime 4 forward bow fairleads are fitted give distance between them. What is the name of the manufacturer of the vapour locks? Stevedores when required shall be employed and paid by Charterers, but this shall not relieve Owners from shdlltime at all times for proper stowage, which must be controlled by the master who shall keep a strict account of all cargo loaded and shelltime 4.


The applicable Act shall be deemed to be incorporated herein and nothing herein contained shall be deemed a surrender by the Owners of any of their rights or immunities or an increase of any of their responsibilities or liabilities under the Shelltime 4. Rotterdam to New York with 37, shelltime 4 clean Curacao shelltime 4 New York with 38, tonnes clean will be applied to the notional round voyage for the same route with cargo and then back in ballast using the following parameters: Is there Protective equipment for the shelltie of crew members available as per IBC Ballast Handling Main Pump Capacity.

Do cargo lines pass through any dedicated or segregated ballast she,ltime Shelltime 4, Peter Gross QC distinguished the current case on the basis that the wording of clause 19 shelltime 4 Shelltime 4 shelktime clause 18 of Shelltime 3 differed in one fundamental way: