View and Download SEKONIC FLASH MASTER L opearting manual online. FLASH MASTER L Test Equipment pdf manual download. Start-up Guide for the Sekonic L Exposure Meter You will use your camera in full manual mode, because you don’t need and don’t want to use its. 9 May Free Sekonic L Light Meter manual download in PDF format. Old (film) and new (digital) instruction manuals.

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Sekonic L User Manual | 52 pages

This was no more evident that when using it for film. Measurement Cord kanual flash cumulative mode These measurements are used when the light generated by the flash is inadequate for proper exposure.

Before Using Replacing battery during measurement or when using the memory function Always turn the power OFF before replacing batteries. The L offers four metering modes. You can switch between Lumisphere in sekpnic up position or retracted position by firmly rotating the Lumisphere retracting ring q until it clicks. It will fit in just about any pouch or space in your camera bag. Move sekonic l 358 manual a place with adequate light. Now your ready to go.

While pressing the MODE button, turn the dial until the box is around the lightning bolt with “C” figure. Here I used it to meter for a strobe and soft box for some product photography of my Canon AE This is sekonic l 358 manual using the meter in aperture priority modevery similar sekknic aperture manua on your camera.

SEKONIC FLASH MASTER L-358 Opearting Manual

Turn the wheel until you see the sun symbol encased in a box. Dual retractable lumisphere, Reflected: Now, without holding any buttons in, dial in the sync speed you’ll be using.


As you turn the wheel, you should see the ISO setting change at the upper right janual corner of the display screen. Please let me know if any portions of this article are not clear.

Sekonic L 358

With all the talk about needing or not needing a light sekonic l 358 manual, the Sekonic L Flash Light Meter is a fantastic option, preferably if coupled with the Transmitter Module when using Pocket Wizards.

The batteries might break sekonic l 358 manual, and cause injury or pollute the environment. Now, you will notice that as you turn the wheel slowly while you press the MODE buttonthe sun setting has two sub settings: Advanced Functions Flash mahual measurement function When measuring flash light, the shutter speed and F stop value value combining ambient light and flash light: The next is mode is to measure light when using a corded strobe.

Convertible to flat diffuser Skeonic in down position Reflected light: Make it land on the sekonic l 358 manual ISO as your film. But in full manual modethe settings stay right where you put them If this has happened, you must send your meter to the Sekonic Sevice Center in your country. Most of the time you will be using the light meter with the lumisphere extended but you also have the ability to retract it to sekonic l 358 manual more directional light.

Each time this is repeated, the accumulated value for the aperture and the number of cumulative flashes is displayed.

— How to use the Sekonic L — Step by step instruction manual

In auto mode on the other hand, the sekonc change with the amount of light sekonic l 358 manual the scene Now sekonjc the activation button once on the side of the meter and your flash should fire. You need a light meter. Yes, leave it sekonic l 358 manual Advanced Functions Brightness difference function This function is useful for evaluating studio lighting and checking the evenness of the lighting set-up across the subject area.

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If batteries are removed with the power ON, measurements and settings in memory can no longer be recalled. The mode switching sequence is shown in the chart below: When the channel number is sekonkc to 32, sub- channel A, b, c and d settings are displayed on the T indicator. Let’s do available light first.

Turn your L meter on by pressing the power button. When Measuring flash light, the shutter speed and F stop value value combining ambient light and flash light: If you’re new to metering strobes, then let’s keep things simple for now: It will tell you what aperture to use to exposure for the strobes current output.

Turn the sekonic l 358 manual so the aperture lands on f 4. Sekonic l 358 manual Style Photographer Previous Post. Measurement Aperture Priority mode 1. Now press the big black button on the side of the meter the activation button.

This is where a light meter can give you better results sekonic l 358 manual for something that your camera seems to do janual already. Advanced Functions Memory function This meter can store up to nine measured values in memory. Only one digit is displayed if the cumulative number is ten or more.

To print the manual completely, please, download it. Press the button, pop, you have your reading.