In this course, you will learn the different standard and advanced availability check capabilities of the SAP APO Global- Available to Promise component. SCM SAP Global Available-to-Promise. In this course, students learn in detail the different standard & advanced availability check capabilities of the. In this course, students learn in detail the different standard & advanced availability check capabilities of the integrated SAP APO Global-Available to Promise.

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The assembly capacity of Maxitec Ltd. The availability check is successful if there is a product allocation for this transaction in the relevant period and this product allocation has not yet been consumed by other requirements. After executing all basic methods The remaining parameters in the check instructions are not relevant and you can leave the default values as they are. If you have not entered a specific business event for multilevel ATP in the check instructions, the system uses the business event to determine the check control for the multilevel ATP check.

Only specific condition tables are searched during a rules-based ATP check. For example, individual unavailable components may be substituted by other components. When is production called? To begin entering the sales orders, you have to go to the OLTP system. After seeing the Doctor they will go home and continue to feed the Cancer.

SCM GlobalAvailable to Promise(GlobalATP) – PDF Free Download

In other words, you can make a distinction between product availability checks with different degrees of “safety” that is, ranging from conservative checks to checks with risk. Deactivate the Consider CH indicator. The system determines the relevant object on the basis of the check date.


Scm host Sap ebook download mediafire. Choose Maintain Condition Type. This includes booking a ship and reserving a truck. Go to the ATP tab page. During a check, this period is then evaluated with the requested delivery date or the corresponding material availability date.

In general, dates in the past are redetermined. The quantity requested for production is the requirements quantity transferred to the product availability check, less the quantity that can be confirmed at the finished product stage. If the number of possible schedule lines exceeds the allowed number, all further confirmations are added to the latest possible confirmation date, if this is allowed by the check methods in sm670.

For some products, component availability is not important within production. Choose Details magnifying glass icon. You should choose the Change Sort ing button until you have an ascending sort order.

T-F11 Choose Select view s. The number of data objects to be included in the transfer is restricted to the various planning and optimizing operations. Access sm670 to the condition tables 2. T-F12 The corresponding product allocation procedure and first product allocation step appear automatically in the relevant fields. While the rules are still being displayed on the left in integrated rule maintenance, select PROCand choose the Evaluate Rule tab page on the far right.

In this exercise, you will set up backorder processing using product T-F11 at location Rotterdam. To achieve maximum flexibility and performance for the data transfer, you can generate as many integration models as necessary and then activate them. For this reason, production is now called directly from the availability check Capable-to-Promise. If a planned receipt is postponed to any date after the confirmation date, the sales order confirmation is retained, even though not enough stock exists to cover the requirement.


Data contained in this document serves informational purposes only.

Student must be evaluated by written or oral reports or an. SCM Global Available- to.

Global Available-to-Promise

Go to the ATP view in the product master. Objectives At the conclusion of this unit, you will be able to: Do not save the order! Enter the description Group.

The individual product allocation procedure is transferred together with the material master.

The Rule Maintenance screen appears. Confirm the message that states that a new price determination will be executed.

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Create Achange Bcopy C. Consequently, total confirmed quantities exceed total receipts. At first, only 10 pieces can be confirmed for component T-B1 because the cumulated ATP quantity is only 10 pieces on the requirements date. An offset is available here for the horizons to allow you to perform an earlier conversion.

What goes wrong with delivery confirmation at Maxitec Ltd.? You can assign several product allocation objects to the product allocation procedure. Enter your order number. This option is only valid if no more than one substitution is allowed. In this PPM substitution procedure, you can enter several production process models for each location product.