Mere Lecture – Book By Giani Sant Singh Ji Maskeen · Giani Sant Singh Ji Maskeen. Mere Lecture – A Great Book by Giani Sant Singh Ji Maskeen In Punjabi. Giani Sant Singh Ji Maskeen has 13 books on Goodreads with ratings. Giani Sant Singh Ji Maskeen’s most popular book is Anubhavi Gathavan – Vol 1. of 34 results for Books: “Giani Sant Singh Ji Maskeen”. English & Indian Languages:English|Punjabi · Anubhavi Gathavan – Vol 1. by Giani Sant.

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The Khalsa School he established at Alwar has been a great success. This article relies largely or entirely on a single source. His family migrated to India and settled in Alwar Rajasthan but he could not continue with his studies. In fact it went to his bopks that coming from a Hindi belt, he turned out to be an undisputed number one interpreter-cum-preacher of Gurbani. Kartar Singh and Mata Ram Kaur.

He was a globe-trotter and delivered discourses on various aspects of Gurbani at gurdwaras and religious congregations on important occasions. The topic of this article may not meet Wikipedia’s notability guideline for biographies. The fate of these community welfare projects and their completion are now a serious concern. Giani ji’s punjqbi were S. Sikh communities in all these countries had great respect for him and always awaited his arrival with great enthusiasm.

Retrieved from ” https: The Maskeen Ssnt, whose three sons own well established businesses in foreign lands, who had earned enormous money by sant maskeen ji books in punjabi audio cassettes punjani his lectures, by selling books and by delivering lectures, was given even more money.

He also established a meditation center at his home town Alwar in RajasthanIndia where a Samagam function is held every year on the eve of Hollah Mohallah and which is attended by the scholars, preachers and learned people of the Sikh community.


Maskeen ji’s Books can change one’w way of thinking and entire life. Sign in Already have an account? For some time sant maskeen ji books in punjabi worked as a railway employee.

He is still among us through his words that we so yearn to hear and read and thus improve our lives through the message of Gurbani. With hard work of Simran killing thoughts together, one day we notice and realize that we are at the door steps of WaheGuru Ji. Article is in Punjabi. May God help you to understand the truth.

As such one might argue the compartmentalization of roles for a person is good. Always being careful to stay away from politics he dedicated his life to spreading the message of Guru Nanak. Not only did he have a thorough knowledge of Gurbanihis mastery of the holy scriptures of HindusMuslimsBuddhists and others allowed him to quote from them at will. Register a new account.

Books by Giani Sant Singh Ji Maskeen (Author of Anubhavi Gathavan – Vol 1)

His words provided solace and guidance to many a wavering mind. Who ever written this does not understand Sikhi. In his discourses, Maskeen ji particularly used to mention Bhagat Banis as enshrined in Guru Granth Sahib, which has frequent references to Rama, Krishna and other Hindu gods and goddesses, and often said that, to understand the message of Gurbani it is necessary to have basic knowledge of past Indian culture and traditions. Jii just a matriculate, he authored a number of books on various religious scriptures.

Books by Giani Sant Singh Ji Maskeen

Some people are inclined to spiritual pursuitssome to armysome to business and some to service. His associates and other people accompanying him also followed the same simplicity of dress. Giani ji was a colossal figure, striding across contemporary Sikh society for nearly five decades.

Sign In Sign Up. His concepts were quiet clear and his voice created a deep impact on all his listeners. His efforts to expose such behavior created shockwaves throughout Sikhism, for this he won the admiration of many and the hatred of others. Therefore he left home and started learning the basic tenets of Gurbani from various places and from different scholars.


He always fixed his annual programmes in advance and would stick to his schedules come what may. His demise in has created a vacuum, which will be very difficult to fill. Every person whether educated or not was inspired by him. No one can say who is higher or lower. This was due to the fact that he had an in-depth, broad knowledge of Gurmat and Gurbanias well as, a deep knowledge and understanding of comparative religions.

Grow sanr Glow in Life you wanna grow? Since he led the life he preached, one based on Gursikhi and Gurmat, people related to him easily. He was one of the few towering personalities that the Sikhs looked up to.

Har ik de brabar gal karan wale nu kise ne ve sunaya na samjya. When hes using his kirpan to defend innocents he’s like Kshatriyawhen he sits in his shop to earnhe’s like Vaish, and when he does sewa in jodaghar and washing and dusting in gurdwara he’s like Shudra.

That is how subtle his messages are when his heart speaks out. GIANI Sant Singh Maskeen, who died following a massive heart attack at Etawah in Uttar Pradesh yesterday, was not only an exemplary preacher, interpreter of religious scriptures but also an epitome of learning.

Giani Sant Singh Ji Maskeen BOOKS – SikhBookClub

There would have been no need for automobiles, planes and ships. Maskeen Ji was a very simple person who advocated simplicity. PunjabiUrduHindiPersian.