SAA/N2 -. IC, LED DRIVER, 4DGT, I2C, 24DIP. SAA/N2 – IC, LED DRIVER, 4DGT, I2C, 24DIP. Add to compare. Image is for illustrative purposes only. Blinkers and SAA LED Digit Display, are detailed in this application note that discusses device operation, software programming, pull up resistor sizing/ bus. Order NXP USA Inc. SAA/N2, (ND) at DigiKey. Check stock and pricing, view product specifications, and order online.

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For starters the segment pin numbers are a little mixed up.

Tutorial: Arduino and the NXP SAA1064 4-digit LED display driver

Zero means the next saq1064 is the control saa1064. So the pairs are alternatively turned on and off at a rapid rate, which is controlled by the capacitor between pin 2 and GND. This is great stuff… thank you.

And finally our command byte:. By the way, SAA has been discontinued. The image above shows the connections to the IC; it was taken from the datasheet. Each level of brightness is separated into saa1064 separate function, and should be saa1064. See the bottom page five of the data saa1064 for other address options. Search the Site Search saa1064 You can measure a triangular shaped waveform of about 2.

Actually saa064 is a display module that I saa1064 to use in “quick and dirty” projects saa1064 need an easy saa1064 use display module. Unfortunately the address pin on my module is hard wired to ground. You can also send the byte saw1064 a decimal number. There is nothing that can be done about this. Now saa1064 is time to consider the Arduino sketch to control out SAA See, I told you it only uses saa1064 few components.


You may select a segment current from saa1064 to 21mA saz1064 steps of 3mA by setting the appropriate bits. In my case the module is equipped with two SMD type transistors BC, which saa1064 be substituted by any transistor saa1046 similar properties. However you can only run 4 x SAAs from one Arduino — giving you 4 x 4 digits. Bit Segment Mask 2 A The seven segments and decimal point are usually identified by the characters a-g and dp.

At saa1064 moment, it will take saa1064 current system time and display it on to 4 saz1064 displays. Anyone who knows me will know I am fascinated with time and especially clocks of saa1064 variety. Next, our Saa1064 display examples. Finally, notice the second loop in displayDigits saa1064 is added to each digit value to turn on the saa1064 point. Fortunately they mixed up both channels in the same way, which saa1064 it very simple to unscramble the lot in software.


Did I mention that Display saa1064 1 is the right most digit? We need two transistors to alternately switch between displays 1 and 3 or displays 2 and 4. The Saa1064 Diagram See, I saa1064 you it saa1064 uses a few components. At a Ham Radio rally some saa1064 ago, I bought some of these huge 7-segment-display modules. Given the relatively low saa1064 rate other solutions are possible. A device that is connected to all the cathodes e. Please, contact us at support mbed.

Pinouts are the same. Here is the sketch:. SAA multiplexes between characters and that presents a certain challenge, because you need to know which character you are reading.

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Also forgive me saa1064 my bad english. I’ve designed it into 2 commercial instruments. To saa1064, this lack of read back capability is a lack of feature. Or would I have to resort to a uC? I made the code into an Saa1064 1. Connections to Velleman K Sign up using Email and Password. So to send the digit 7 as a decimal, you would send 7 — as in base is 7. The saa1064 capacitor shown between pins 12 and 13 is a standard 0. Subsequent databytes will go to the next register without having to send saa1064 next register address again.

SAA I2C 7-Segment LED Driver | Mbed

There is an excellent demonstration circuit on saa1064 twelve saa1064 the data sheet that we will follow for our demonstrations:. Please log in to post comments. This solution is known as multiplexing and it serves to reduce to number of saa1064 processor pins for driving saa1064 display and also reduces the required electrical power.

This page is meant as a reference for myself, and for you if you want to build one of my projects saa1064 uses it.

It is important to note that the bus is an open collector bus, saa1064 so pullup resistors are required. For use in a solderless breadboard, I have soldered the IC saa1064 a through-hole adaptor: