In , on a visit to South Africa, Robert Ardrey became aware of the growing evidence that man had evolved on the African continent from carnivorous. “Not in innocence, and not in Asia, was mankind born.” So opens Robert Ardrey’s earthshaking classic African Genesis, his first professional foray into the. 16 quotes from Robert Ardrey: ‘But we were born of risen apes, not fallen angels, and the apes were armed killers besides. And so what shall we wonder at?.

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African Genesis

Available to read online: A very nice copy. The last thirty years have seen a revolution in man’s knowledge about man’s origins that rivals the scientific revolution in material things.

I found this didn’t affect my supreme enjoyment of, the best relevant to everything on this planet literature to come and grace the world. Ardrey’s writing is wordy and dull and he attempts to pass his ramblings off as scientific, but they are nearly entirely anecdotal.

Dennett, whom Chet Raymo of The Boston Globe calls “one of the most provocative thinkers on the planet”, focuses his unerringly logical mind egnesis the theory of natural selection, showing how Darwin’s great idea transforms and illuminates our traditional view of humanity’s place in the universe. Everett, a “bombshell” linguist and “instant folk hero” Tom Wolfe, Harper’sprovides in this sweeping history a comprehensive examination of the evolutionary story of language, from the earliest speaking attempts by hominids to the more than 7, languages that exist today.

African Genesis – Wikipedia

As long as we have had minds to think with, stars to ponder gwnesis, dreams to disturb us, curiosity to inspire us, hours free for meditation, words to place our thoughts in order, the question like a restless ghost has prowled the cellars of our consciousness.

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These were the questions David Christian set out to answer when he created the field of “Big History”, the most exciting new approach to understanding where we have been, where we are, and where we are going. William Wright, for example, writing inwrites “Not only was Ardrey, with his three-million-year-old unsolved murders, claiming geneiss evolution has saddled us with a battery of behavioral traits, but he was also reckless enough to emphasize the most repugnant, the killer impulse.


Rbert Brusatte Narrated by: These developments allowed this last ape line that preceded humans to survive by wits alone a non-specialized capacity to solve survival problems by intelligence and social cooperation. Amber rated it it was amazing May 09, Published init is perhaps not completely up to date in every detail, eg, an observation made about the hunting nature of Man suggests Ardrey had not observed chimpanzees group-hunting live prey, where we’ve since had the benefit of film to show us that chimpanzees do hunt in teams for meat, and how.

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Robert Ardrey Quotes (Author of African Genesis)

Why do we behave as we do? I wish I could have met this detective of the Natural World in person so I could shake his hand, for Robert Ardrey has revealed to me, clarity through obscurity. Among the fossils, skulls and lower leg bones were disproportionately represented, leading Dart to theorize that man’s ancestors were hunters who used bones as weapons. George Newbern, Bart D. Isolated from each other, the two halves of the world developed totally different suites of plants and animals.

Most Helpful Most Recent. Fundamentally Ardrey argued that human behavior was not entirely socially determined, rather evolutionarily inherited instincts help determine behavior and format large-scale social phenomena.

An Introduction to African Cave Taphonomy. Nov 25, Paula Guisard rated it it was ok Shelves: African Genesis is at once the story of an unprecedented personal search and a story of man that had never before been told. They are at least reading copies, adrrey and in reasonable condition, but usually secondhand; frequently they are superior examples.



African Genesis Ardrey, Robert Laurel. Retrieved 10 September As a correspondent he wrote an article about it for The Reporter. The terrible and long-drawn-out siege of Troy remains one of the classic campaigns. So, I stopped reading them.

A dramatist, Ardrey’s interest in the African discoveries sprang less from purely scientific grounds than from rkbert radical new light they cast on the eternal question: Afriacn classic study of human nature based on countless animal studies, the author marshalling a great mass of evidence and original research to posit that human nature is essentially violent, predatory, and warlike, as well as social and territorial, due to the evolutionary constraints and development of the human animal over millions of years.

In a final philosophical section he wonders how we can get along without war, whether africsn can accept the fact of man as a transitional species- and ends with confidence that in our link with our ancestors lies our strength. I think I read this and most if not all of Ardrey’s pop anthropology writings. Sep 13, Dwight rated it it was amazing.

Publisher’s Summary Inon a visit to South Africa, Robert Ardrey became aware of the growing evidence that man had evolved on the African continent from geesis, predatory stock – ones who had also, long before man, achieved the use of weapons.

Its prose was very “high-falutin” to the point of being distracting from the points the author was making.