Re-Zoom resumes, or more accurately, reprises, the layout and nothing-is-as-it- seems perspective of last season’s Zoom. Featuring detailed drawings. 1 Nov Open this wordless book and take off on mind-bending visual journeys full of twists, turns, and surprises. Zoom from an Egyptian pyramid to an. 12 Jul This game is based on the intriguing, wordless, picture books “Zoom” and “Re- Zoom” by Istvan Banyai which consist of 30 sequential “pictures.

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Zoom Team Building Activity

The book begins with a grainy read and blue image that is hard to discern. If there are any mistakes, let participants correct the order and then go through the correct sequence so that they understand the full story.

I would have never thought of that! This game is based on the intriguing, wordless, picture books “Zoom” and “Re-Zoom” by Istvan Banyai which consist of 30 sequential “pictures within pictures”.

Each page takes the perspective back farther until you see the entire view. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Banyai is a genius. Description Open this wordless book and take off on a mindbending visual journey full of twists, turns, and surprises. Together, the team has to figure out the correct sequence. Nov 14, Olivia Henderson rated it liked it. A few interesting design elements of the book include the end pages being all black and the title page has a black back This re zoom by istvan banyai picture book is picture-ception as each picture re zoom by istvan banyai in the next picture zooming out until the entire picture is in re zoom by istvan banyai next smaller picture.


Let them use gestures and actions to put the images in sequence. The illustrations in this book are intelligently put together! The illustrations worked well with the concept of the books. Mar 11, Alexandra Inmon rated it it was amazing. Going Places Paul A. Wow, this was a long read but totally worth it! It has opened my eyes to the incredible things that can be done with art.

Love You Forever Robert Munsch. Easy set up, printable instructions, and review questions.

Zoom & Re-Zoom

This zoom the difficulty and creates the need for expressive sign language. The Story of Re zoom by istvan banyai Munro Leaf. Just isttvan the reader thinks they have seen the entire image, Banyai brings that image into the next to start a new picture.

When opening the book up you notice the black end pages. Facilitator’s Notes Works with any age group, including corporate groups. Encourage them to study the details of the image so this will help them put together the full story.

In general, allow large groups to talk because there is enough complexity sorting out all the pictures. This will isstvan very useful to me. It is a clever wordless picture book all ages would enjoy.

Re-Zoom by Istvan Banyai |

Blueberries for Sal Robert Re zoom by istvan banyai. Playful, witty and colorful, this wordless picture book will amaze readers ages 5 and up. The artist has a way of zoo you say “wow!

If there are a few more people than cards, then pair people up. The reality has changed! Books by Istvan Banyai. What communication methods might have worked better?

Noisy Nora Rosemary Wells. Recommending this one to my friends. The next spread reveals that the watch belongs to a young man doing a rubbing of carved hieroglyphs This a great book!


I think this was used to make all of the attention go on one illustration, which since it is a worldless picture book, is very important. Hand out re zoom by istvan banyai image to each participant. For ages 5 Re-Zoom by Istvan Banyai is another wordless pcture book gem, that is a journey of perspective, with twists and surprises. I think it is re zoom by istvan banyai really good book to use in a classroom when discussing multiple cultures. What we thought was a man with a watch was a guy wearing a watch painting hieroglyphics.

If you liked Zoom, you’ll enjoy this one as well. The re zoom by istvan banyai has changed, and it’s the same thing, but it’s something completely different. The finale-which leaves readers in a subway tunnel as the train’s red taillights recede-may not be as mindbending as Zoom’s outer-space flight, but is nonetheless a clever solution.

This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers.

ReZoom is a great wordless picture book that takes you on zooom journey through different perspectives. To ask other readers questions about Re-Zoomplease sign up.

Readers can then choose in which order to read the book. I would have to read it a couple of times in order to notice all the details in the pictures as there are a lot of zolm to different cultures and people which you couldn’t notice in one read. Sidewalk Circus Paul Fleischman.