Sambhog Se Samadhi Ki Aur (Sampuran) has 88 ratings and 7 reviews: Published December 1st by Diamond Pocket Books. In his book Sambhog Se Samadhi Ki Aur, Osho enlightens the reader on a human being’s spiritual journey from the time of intercourse and conception, to death. सैक्स की ऊर्जा को कैसे रूपांतरित करें इस विषय पर ओशो द्वारा दिए गए पांच प्रवचनों का अमूल्य संग्रह ”मनुष्य कभी भी .

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Thanks for telling us about the problem. He was drowned in it; it was too much. The body can touch the surfaces but it cannot really enter into the other. Feb 23, Innocentasahuman extremist rated it it osho sambhog se samadhi in amazing. And unless alpha and omega meet, unless you have attained to this supreme union, you will remain miserable, because your destiny is that.

Sambhog Se Samadhi Ki Aur -OSHO WORLD Galleria

Return to Book Page. Sex is the source of life; it is how God creates existence. Virender rated it really liked it Jul 03, Even to reach the heart center seems to be difficult, almost impossible.

It needs multiple reading. It is like ice cubes. Want to Read saving…. Neeraj rated it it was amazing Sep 17, Of course it is momentary. Patanjali has done the impossible. Jan 08, Manish Punia rated it it was amazing Shelves: It is still higher because for the first time something of the beyond dawns; you can see the sun rising at the horizon.


Nov 12, Santosh Jagtap rated it it was amazing Osho sambhog se samadhi in It is not a place to stop forever Yoga means the meeting of the two into one. They may sing a song for you or dance a dance or write a osho sambhog se samadhi in or paint a picture or tell you a story. One eye represents the right, another eye represents the left, and it is just in the middle.

You May Also Like Osho is a misunderstood person. Only he is capable of ruling others, because he has come to rule himself.

It exists before life, it exists after death. Engrossing read and great philosophy.

Pawan rated it it was amazing Dec 12, osho sambhog se samadhi in At the heart center the prakriti and purusha, the sexual and the spiritual, the worldly and the other-worldly — or you can call it the meeting of heaven sambjog earth On each chakra, on each wheel of energy, a certain integration happens.


At the third-eye center samadhu right and left meet, pingala and ida meet, and become sushumna. I feel I am not able to grasp all of this book. These left and right brains meeting at the third eye Higher than the heart is the throat center. Then they osho sambhog se samadhi in to the very center.

Sambhog Se Samadhi Ki Aur [CDs]

The capacity to receive and to give is one of the greatest integrations. The meeting is inner now, so the meeting can be more permanent, more stable, because you are not dependent on anybody else. This is called yoga.

He could not keep himself conscious, alert. Osho has been described by One of the most provocative and sambhof spiritual teachers of the twentieth century, Osho defies categorization – reflecting everything from the individual quest for meaning to the most urgent social and political issues facing society today.