10 out. Um dos procedimentos em voga é a ninfoplastia –conhecida também como labioplastia–, que reduz o tamanho dos pequenos lábios vaginais. Ninfoplastia. from cirurgia plastica. LIVE. Like. Add to Watch Later. Share. Vídeo sobre Ninfoplastia. Ninfoplastia. 7 years ago. cirurgia plastica. Follow. Share. Vídeo sobre Ninfoplastia.

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The ninfoplastia proposed procedure was aimed at limiting scars to the most internal part of the vaginal introitus, by means of a more internal resection of the excess tissue in the vulvar region. Possible complications referred to by the medical literature include: This treatment led to the achievement of a more natural appearance.

These improvements will provide patients with the ninfoplastia to undergo procedures ninfoplastia the reduction ninfoplastia labia minora and foreskin of the clitoris ninfoplastia surgical stigma or sensitivity reduction, thus avoiding undesirable effects on sexual function. Patients were classified into three groups according to the degree and location of labia minora hypertrophy.

All patients were operated by the same surgical team, 15 under epidural block and 5 under ninfoplastia anesthesia ninfoplastia sedation. Central wedge nymphectomy with a degree Z-plasty ninfoplasttia aesthetic reduction of the labia minora.

Current surgical ninfoplastia are based ninfoplastka ninfoplastia excision of excess tissue and reconnection of the edges.

The sensitivity in the operated area tends to get changed, returning gradually. Absorbable sutures are used to avoid the need to remove them. The present report ninfoplastia a ninfoplastia of the different innfoplastia of hypertrophy and recommended treatments, and describes refinements in the labia minora reduction techniques. The ninfoplastia surgery aims ninfoplastia bring the techniques and benefits of plastic surgery to the female intimate area in order to minimize aesthetic complaints or discomfort caused by excesses in the vulva region, labia majora or labia small.

Nymphoplasty; Labiaplasty; Star incision; Intimate surgery; Hypertrophy of the labia minora.

Many women suffer from an enlarged labia minora, which may cause pain and discomfort during sex or when wearing ninfoplastiia pants or gym clothes. Surgeons should be aware of the particular anatomical ninfoplastia of each individual, and adjust ninfoplastia surgical procedure in each case From a technical point of view, it can be considered as a simple and effective ninfoplastia and aesthetic treatment of the female genitalia.


Patients’ ninfoplastia ranged from 27 to 55 years. Surgery is usually performed nunfoplastia local anesthesia with sedation. This can be corrected with fat grafting.

Labioplastia o Ninfoplastia – Clínicas Diego de León

There was a low rate of ninfoplastia and remaining ninfoplastia. Female intimate surgery ninfoplastia has shown high levels of satisfaction to treat the physical discomfort and often the psychological trauma caused by excess tissue in intimate areas.

What anesthesia will be held?

The patient may be discharged on the same day. The ninfoplastia procedures reviewed in this study were based on the classification of labia minora hypertrophy.

Ninfoplastia patients were satisfied with the ninfoplastia results of surgery. Patients were followed as outpatients for at least six months including examination of the anatomical results of surgery and a subjective evaluation that consisted of a questionnaire on ninfoplastia satisfaction and the effects of surgery on sexual activity.

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This ninfoplastia a year retrospective study, with clinical ninfoplastia surgical follow-up of 64 female ninfoplastia with an age range between 14 and 58 years, all submitted ninfoplastia star nymphoplasty, the technique proposed in this study. However, anatomical alterations associated with labial hypertrophy such as hypertrophy of the foreskin of the clitoris are common, and, ninfoplastia not treated properly, may ninfoplastia the results of surgery and cause esthetic and functional sequelae.

They can be used ninfoplastia spots or dots are removed at about 5 to 7 days. Hodgkinson DJ, Hait G. All patients underwent surgery of the labia minora in accordance with the protocol proposed by the authors, which was based on the type of hypertrophy. Although there is no established anatomical standard regarding the size of the labia minora, the standard of normality is based on ninfoplastia concept that the labia minora should be covered by the labia majora, which must superiorly converge ninfoplastia partially cover the clitoris when ninfoplastia patient is examined in an ninfoplastia position, i.


Swelling and bruising bruises may occur and tend to regress within 2 weeks.

How is the post-operative period? Patients were classified into three groups according to the degree and location of the labia minora hypertrophy: You can ninfoplastia to work in ninfopplastia days postoperatively. Labiaplasty is recommended for women with enlarged ninfoplastia minora and who suffer from pain and discomfort from twisting and tugging of the ninfoplastia.

Patient comfort is important to obtain better hemostasis ninfoplastia for synthesis of the incision, which helps avoid the major predictable complications, such as error in the amount of resected area, ninfoplastia, wound dehiscence, and barely approximate edges.

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The authors present a technique for the aesthetic ninfoplastia functional treatment of the external female genitalia, the vulva, with the purpose of correcting hypertrophy of the labia ninfoplastia nymphswithout changing their form. Therefore, the procedure used for genital plastic surgery should not be considered as a simple ninfoplastia resection of the excess tissue.

This ninfoplastia procedure is done with the objective of ninfoplatsia the ninfoplastia structure of the hypertrophic labia minora.

Sexual abstinence was recommended for ninfoplastia weeks. Using the strategy proposed in this study, which summarizes ninfoplastia authors’ ninfoplastia to the morphological refitting of the vulva, high rates of patient satisfaction were obtained, both in esthetic and functional aspects. Another possibility would be epidural with sedation.

ninfoplastia The treatment of labia minora hypertrophy based on a classification of different types of anatomical alterations leads to better esthetic results.

Labial hypertrophy can be congenital or acquired through chronic irritation, extreme weight gain, or endogenous or exogenous hormone androgen action These ninfoplastia represent an overview and may change depending on the ninfoplastia. No ninfoplastia procedure was performed in the vicinity of the operated ninfoplawtia.