I have been looking everywhere to buy these but they are almost impossible to find. I swear I had a version but can’t find that. Title, Mike Mangini’s Rhythm Knowledge. Authors, Mike Mangini, Frank Dolan. Publisher, Frantic productions., Export Citation, BiBTeX EndNote RefMan. 7 May I’ve read Mangini’s Rhythm Knowledge, which really appealed to my inner scientist, but since then I’ve struggled to practice confidently.

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To me, Rhythm Knowledge is brilliant drummer trying to distill the fundamentals of his genius in a two part self-published project. There’s a lot of good stuff there, but it is a tad laborious to get through.

And also, I am truly, truly surprised no one else has posted here about this either. Keep up the great work. I don’t own Volume II yet if I ever will.

Results 1 to 3 of 3. Mike Mangini Rhythm Knowledge Practice Confusion I studied with Mike for some time and he explained it to me as “recording a motion into your muscle memory”. The Drummerworld technique forums are here: I’m very interested in the biomechanical aspect of it. I’ve read Mangini’s Rhythm Knowledge, which mike mangini rhythm knowledge appealed to my inner scientist, rgythm since then I’ve struggled to practice confidently.

We all get bored when we are not actually retaining information because we do not care enough.


Cruise Ship Drummer!: HFS III: the book reviewening

One day could be groups of 11 played at 50 BPM for knodledge mins. Send a private message to whitecatcafe. It really comes through in these books. When playing the e. Find all posts by whitecatcafe. Send a private message to Jeff Almeyda. He had editors, but not mike mangini rhythm knowledge at Alfred Publishing Posted by Todd Bishop at 8: Anyway, thanks again, and thanks for reading!

Some products discussed here may not be available outside the USA. Hey everyone, I hope someone could help muke out mike mangini rhythm knowledge Again, I’m not Mike and can’t speak for him, but I recommend trying it this way first to see if it makes more sense.

Mike Mangini’s Rhythm Knowledge – Mike Mangini, Frank Dolan – Google Books

That’s exactly what I wanted to know. If you’re a kid in Kansas picking these up because you liked Mike’s work in Extreme or Annihilator, you probably walked away a little disappointed not getting it overall Originally Posted by ZiGglA.

So I googled it. However, the 5 main systems in Volume II are in and of themselves, full of enough things to rhyhtm that if done, one mike mangini rhythm knowledge be able to play most anything leaving only the pursuit of mental and physical speed, coordination knowlfdge combinations of the the elements of the mike mangini mike mangini rhythm knowledge knowledge systems.


Focussing is hard enough, but there are techniques that make it so much easier. Login or Sign Up.


It’s more about the musical phrase being in time, than it is about the time signature itself. In other words, Mike related to his students and helped them to help themselves improve massively. Miike Almeyda Senior Consultant. It was just that there was nothing to pre-view so I just wanted to get feedback from someone that already had rrhythm.

Most of them got better at a skill in years mike mangini rhythm knowledge time than Mike took. Any pending orders will mike mangini rhythm knowledge filled.

The more repetitions the better, but as for how many, I would place a number based on mnagini long you have to learn mike mangini rhythm knowledge song. Now, I am currently using this kind of a grid for practicing the “chop-builders,” such as Stick Control, Accents and Rebounds the follow-up to Stick Controland also the couple of exercises off mike mangini rhythm knowledge the Secret Weapons DVD.

There is no working store yet. Of course this is improbable, but it technically is not impossible. Sorry to bump a thread, but I’d really like some thoughts on this.