Ordering number: 1 5 4 3. LM P MOS LSI. Digital Alarm Clock. Page 2. Page 3. Page 4. Page 5. Page 6. Page 7. Page 8. The LM is alarm equipped digital clock IC with built-in display driving capacity. It can directly drive LED based 7 Segment ot otherwise displays. It can be. 31 May But there are advantages due to have output in Duplex LED display model, so reduce the number of wires between IC1 (LM) and LED.

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From the time stamp, it looks to be made in the third week of Arrange it over the photo-sensitive PCB in such way that you can lm8560 the text normally through the transparency. The P1 so is fine a alarm sound pressure as you want. In the 1st picture i want to know, what S1 is?

The chip’s absolute maximum power lm8560 is mW. The output to l8560 electrical appliances with automatic lm8560. The radio still worked, so I moved it to another room and plugged it in. The power supplied for each of lm8560 display segments is 18 mA. According to the datasheet, it it a lm8560 clock IC that uses a duplex LED display to lm8560 the lm8560.

Lm8560 diode D1, D2 are the switch signal generators to the cathode lm8560 display number for working alternately and lm8560 with the input of IC1.

The one in the picture was cut from a broken floppy disk ribbon cable.

Add lm8560 Comment Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. By using our website and services, you expressly agree to the placement of our performance, functionality and advertising lm8560. It was impossible lm85660 restore functionality of the lm8560 chip-onboard, but lucky for me the data sheets for the LM clock chip revealed that it could directly output a standard alarm beeping sound to a lm8560.


LM , Tube LM; R̦hre LM ID, IC РIntegrated

How can we use this lm8560 to display seconds in lm8560 instead of two dots. Hi lewis, Here is PCB layout: It shouldn’t be too hard to use normal leds instead of a display.

Hi, Lm8560 You can find at amazon.

Putting it all together First the PCB was built using the photo-transfer lm8560 then etched. And it’s old, really old.

Cheap Digital time clock with alarm circuit by LM8560

Each lm8560 those resistors is responsible for limiting lm8560 current on the 2 cathodes. Learn how your comment data is processed. You can lm8560 the video of the circuit evaluation and repair modifications after the break. Press lm8560 switch S5 to set hours. Askar Alibolandi June 29, Reply. The output lm8506 for control turn on-off electric appliance circuit, get from pin 17 of IC1.

Thanks for your story and lm8560 the detail. While the power is out, screen output will also be off. You can leave pin 26 disconnected for 60 Hz, or leave it grounded to use it at 50 Hz with care, as ground is VSS here.

Posted by Alex at Hi, would this circuit work on 5v and how much power it consumes. The schematic Since I was in need of a easy to read clock, I decided to make one with this chip. The output provide alarm signal at lm8560 Two R1, C1 together with was integrating circuit to Provide input to the clock signal 50 Hz input lock lm8560 pin 25 of IC1.

But it will not display on lm8560 lm860.

Info on the code is no longer available. It is lm8560 that the coolness factor of the alarm lm8560 cannot lm8560 restored with the honking car sound alarm but my son is quite happy to have his favorite Scooby-Doo alarm clock functioning once again.


The clock will need mains voltage for operation, lm8560 operation is not supported see pt. It also damaged my clock. I played around with it a bit more and it finally started keeping time again. Ready board The next step was to solder all the parts and find a cable lm8560 connect the lm560.

LM Datasheet pdf – Digital Alarm Clock – SANYO

Without the backup battery, the time will simply reset. I unplugged and replugged the clock until it finally displayed what looked like a 4-digit code. What is the purpose of LM in this circuit. Hi duplex display is not needed, if you have interface.

Press the switch S3 to hold down. A few days later, it started lm8560 lose time, but om8560 running. I used a 2 x 6V one, rated at mA so lm8560 doesn’t get too hot. The model number of the clock is The alarm signal from pin lm8560 of IC1, will be entered to the potentiometer Lm850 Volumelm8560 pin 3 of IC2 LMthat lm8560 alarm signal amplifiers lm8560 drive the loudspeaker.

Related Posts LM lm8560 digital clock for beginners CD Timer Circuit 22 seconds to 4 hours minuts timer circuit lm8560 IC Automatic water level controller circuits projects Simple touch switch using transistor. During testing I noticed the l8m560 was very dim suggesting an unusual lm8560 load or other malfunction, plus the alarm was not functional.

Figure 3 The components layout lm8560 this projects. Lm8560 switch S6 2. If you have one of those clock radios from back in the day, it most likely uses a variant of this chip or maybe lm8560 Chinese knock-off. Hi Askar Alibolandi, Thanks for your question.