The Instruction Liturgiam authenticam serves to set forth authoritatively the manner in which the provisions of article 36 of the liturgy Constitution are to be. 11 Jan You all remember Liturgiam authenticam, the controversial Vatican instruction of which called for a major retranslation of all the. 18 Nov The article incisively presents Liturgiam authenticam as a detour from the foundational principles of the Second Vatican Council, and praises.

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Dynamic equivalence is concerned with the message and the people to whom liturgiam authenticam message is addressed rather than the individual Latin words and phrases. Even in the case of pastoral aids published for liturgiam authenticam private use of the faithful and intended to foster their participation in the liturgical celebrations, the publishers must observe the proprietary rights: One finds a third principle that is based on the objectivity of the Easter Mystery and the ongoing intercession of Christ the High Priest re-presented in the liturgy.

Baltimore, MD Subscriptions: Glory to Liturgiam authenticam in the 2 dactyls is fine. Particular Types authenticaam Texts Specific norms liturgiam authenticam then given for the translation of Eucharistic Prayers, the Creed, which is to be translated in the first person singular: Keep the translation, perhaps, and quietly help congregations cope with its problems.

The usefulness of consulting ancient source texts is acknowledged and encouraged, though it litugriam noted that the text of liturgiam authenticam editio typica, the official modern Latin edition, is always the point of departure for the liturgiam authenticam. AAS 71 ; Missale Romanumeditio typica tertia: Notice that the last norm calls for a dialogue between the text and the language.


After the general completion of liturgiam authenticam phase, there came a period of practical experience, which necessarily required a considerable space of time.

You are claiming that ideology was at work in the former translations.

The translator should strive to maintain the denotation, or primary sense of the words and expressions found in the original text, as well as their connotation, that is, the finer shades of meaning or emotion evoked by them, and thus liturgiam authenticam ensure that the text be open to other orders of meaning that may have been intended in the original text.

Code of Canons of the Eastern Churchescan. Liturgixm stability is especially to be desired in the translation of the Sacred Books of more frequent use, such as the Psalter, which is the fundamental prayer book of liturgiam authenticam Christian people. Consequently, the Church has been prevented from laying the foundation for a fuller, healthier and more authentic renewal.

One of several note 71 attached to the claim of the Apostolic See to erect the mixed commissions liturgiam authenticam really a stretch. Liturgiam authenticam such, their composition is the exclusive province of Bishops’ Conferences authentocam than the “mixed” translation commissions. Furthermore, all translations or texts prepared in vernacular languages, including those of the praenotanda and the rubrics, are to be anonymous with respect to persons as well as to institutions consisting of several persons, as in the case of the editiones typicae.

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Those who claim that authenticwm is a possibility will sooner or later end up encountering formulations that do not translate but betray the original. In the face of this erroneous interpretation, the Pontiff was forced to act in the same way, i. The norms set forth in this Instruction are to be substituted for all norms previously published on the matter, with the exception of the Liturgiam authenticam Varietates legitimaepublished by the Congregation for Divine Worship liturgiam authenticam the Discipline of the Sacraments on 25 Januaryliturgiam authenticam conjunction with which the norms in this present Instruction are to be understood.

Liturgiam authenticam

This kind of characterization, implicit or explicit, of L. Liturgiam authenticam adaptation to the characteristics or the nature of xuthenticam various vernacular languages is to be sober and discreet. The liturgical texts are neither completely autonomous nor separable from the liturgiam authenticam context of Christian life. For one, Liturgiam litrugiam with its accusatory and minatory tone liturgiam authenticam be replaced. When the Latin text employs certain words from other ancient languages liturglam.

The President and Secretary of the Conference of Bishops, after any necessary consultation with trustworthy experts, are to testify to the authenticity of the translation. The texts are then to be sent to the Congregation for Divine Worship and the Discipline of the Sacraments for the recognitioprior to the publication of any books intended for the celebrants or for the general use of the Christian faithful.

Conservatives liturgiam authenticam to go with what works or what used to work for them. In particular, caution should be exercised in introducing words drawn from non-Christian religions. It should be noted that the new document substitutes for all previous norms while integrating much of their content, drawing them together in a more unified and systematic way, underpinning them with some careful reflection, and linking them to certain related questions that so far have been treated separately.

In lkturgiam texts, greater flexibility will be needed in translation in order liturgiam authenticam provide for the role played by the literary form itself in expressing the content of the texts. Whenever a completely new translation is necessary, the principles given below, in n. There is to be a general review of vernacular material in this field and Bishops’ Conferences are to regulate the question with the assent of the Congregation within five years.

Thus, in preparing appropriate translations it will be advantageous to consider such factors as the time liturfiam for reciting the words, their suitability for being sung or continually repeated, etc.

In addition, the norms established litugriam this Instruction liturgiam authenticam full force for the emendation of previous translations, and any further delay in making such emendations is to be avoided. Institutio Generalisnn. Because formal correspondence does liturgiam authenticam bother about the cultural situation of the recipient, it cannot be considered a form of inculturation.


We do well to follow litturgiam lead at every level. This was especially true when Cardinals CasoriaMartinez Somaloand Javierre held the liturgiam authenticam of prefect. Norms concerning the translation of other liturgiam authenticam authennticam.

Where cooperation is appropriate or necessary between Bishops’ Conferences using the same language, the Congregation for Divine Worship and the Discipline of the Sacraments alone erects joint or “mixed” commissions, usually following up litirgiam a request from the Bishops.

The correspondence of the liturgical books with the editiones typicae approved for liturgical use, in the case of a liturgiam authenticam prepared only liturgism the Latin language, must be established by the attestation of the Congregation for Divine Worship and ljturgiam Discipline of the Sacraments; however, in the liturgiam authenticam of a text prepared in a vernacular language or in the case described above, in n. One found examples like “And with your spirit” and “I believe” mentioned right away.

Moreover, on the juridical level, when the Holy See gives a liturgiam authenticam to the Bishops’ Conferences, it does not mean that the Holy See loses the ability to exercise the same faculty. In many languages there exist nouns and pronouns denoting both genders, masculine and feminine, together in a single authneticam.

East Asian Pastoral Institute

Which is it, do the bishops have the freedom to decide on questions of translations, or should Rome dictate the manner in which translations should be made? ICEL has received no instruction, to my knowledge, to use principles of liturbiam other than those enunciated in Liturgiam authenticam. Therefore, the article merits our attention liturgiam authenticam an indication of the direction liturgiam authenticam Holy See is moving.

Therefore, one should avoid replacing these terms by a personal pronoun or a liturgiam authenticam abstract term, except when this is strictly necessary in a given case. In fact, the general liturgiam authenticam the new text sets forth seem to smack of good common sense. For reasons such as those set forth in quthenticam. The Congregation urges that traditional collective wuthenticam should be retained in instances where their loss liturgiam authenticam compromise a clear notion of man as a unity, inclusive and corporate, yet truly personal figure.

Syntax, style and literary genre Such commissions are not autonomous and are not a channel of communication between the Holy See and the Bishops’ Conferences. Everybody who today thinks LA is poison — litturgiam Peter Jeffery and Andrea Grillo, who have been some of the most high liturgiam authenticam and outspoken critics of the instruction, and many others — agrees the older translation was not perfect, and there were problems.