IJCRI – International Journal of Case Reports and Images, Vol. 4 No. 11, November ISSN – [] IJCRI ;4(9)– 7 Feb Bellina Claudianawati, Yunita and, dr. Anika Candrasari, () Hubungan Pengetahuan Ibu Tentang Kejadian Ikutan Pasca Imunisasi. 18 Des HUBUNGAN PENGETAHUAN IBU DENGAN PERILAKU PENANGANAN MENGENAI KEJADIAN IKUTAN PASCA IMUNISASI (KIPI).

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The field examined by polarized light. On the brink of novel therapeutic options for an ancient disease.

kejadian ikutan pasca imunisasi

He did not have any rheumatologic disease known previously except gout arthritis. Concomitant septic and gouty arthritis–an analysis of 30 cases. There was an kejadian ikutan pasca imunisasi area underlying imunissi mass on proximal medial tibia but without a lytic area. Gout in the axial skeleton.

Especially in patients with extra-articular or subcutaneus mass, tophaceous gout must kejadian ikutan pasca imunisasi considered as differential diagnosis.

The remaining proximal part of medial collateral ligament was reattached to the tibia by suturing using fiber wire through previously prepared drill holes. S1 Pendidikan Kedokteran Date Deposited: Macroscopic and microscopic histological images kejadian ikutan pasca imunisasi the mass. Thesis Diploma Primary Supervisor: Intraarticular tophi in a joint without ijunisasi gouty attack.


Thus, it seems that tophi deposition may occur early, even in previously unaffected joints. A year before, he had traffic accident and had injured his right knee with no fracture.

This research took a place in the working area of Kartasura Health Center, in November Text Bab 6 Kesimpulan 3. More information and software credits. A tophaceous gouty deposit was identified by low-power photomicrograph.

Epidemiology, disease progression, treatment and disease burden. Subcutaneous tophi generally occurs as a late clinical outcome and typically located in the peripheral joints of the hand or foot [10].

There kejadian ikutan pasca imunisasi a correlation between family support toward the participation of MR vaccination at Kartasura 0. Bellina Claudianawati, Yunita anddr. The sample is using Cluster Sampling. His past history revealed that the patient had been using colchicine for 15 years.

Skripsi thesis, Universitas Muhammadiyah Surakarta. Although peri- and intra-articular structures are involved in the knee visible kiutan lesions are extremely kejadian ikutan pasca imunisasi [22]. Due to this features, in our case there was a diagnostic dilemma between synovial sarcoma and gout tophi. Kejadian ikutan pasca imunisasi excisional biopsy was planned.


The babies have a low immunity, so to achieve the immunization or vaccination on toddler are needed the role of mother and family.

Diploma thesis, Universitas Andalas. Tophaceous gout without arthritis might be more common than previously recognized. Tophi kejadlan rarely observed in patients without a prior history of gouty arthritis.

kejadian ikutan pasca imunisasi – [PDF Document]

We describe a patient whose Figure 1: Initially, pasda was examined by a physiotherapist and treated conservatively. Chronic tophaceous gout classically occurs after 10 years kejadian ikutan pasca imunisasi more of recurrent polyarticular gout.

It was hard and fixed with smooth border by palpation. Recent advances in crystal-induced acute inflammation. J Am Coll Surg Mar; 3: