2 Apr Harry Lorayne’s newest book is called, “How to perform feats of Mathematical Wizardry”. I’ve finally managed to get my hands on a copy. When anyone can do an honest review of Harry Lorayne’s new book, Mathematical Wizardry, I would love to hear it (the ad just came out in the. Find great deals for Mathematical Wizardry by Harry Lorayne – Book. Shop with confidence on eBay!.

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Just tryin’ to get Harry some more money in wizarfry pocket. Harry has given away and taught some lovely material.

Marketing for Mathematcial Sussex Magician. Many books of effects have at least one “hodge podge” chapter, a chapter in which everything that didn’t fit else harry lorayne mathematical wizardry the other sections is presented. I’m slowly working on it. Mathematical Wizardry Published on Sunday, April 02, in bookscalendarmagicmagic squaresmathmemorymemory featsproductsreviews.

There’s even an excellent presentational touch for the Fibonacci addition trick that I’d never seen before. Contact The Magic Apple. Popular Posts 10 Flashcard Programs.


Subscriptions Top Inventors 1. Just complete your order as normal, and within seconds you’ll get an email with your gift certificate. These are the ones that usually begin something like, “Think of any number, add 5 to it, now multiply that by Even if you just do the current year, as opposed to the version in which you can do any year, wizardy is very impressive. Harry’s selected only the most entertaining effects! It also makes an absorbing read and enables you to put your cards down for a while!


Chapter 4 starts with a classic card effect and a classic coin effect known as “Debit and Credit”and then quickly moves onto magic squares! I guess there are exceptions. If you’re interested in some blockbuster harry lorayne mathematical wizardry “pieces,” just buy the damn thing – no matter what kind of “back” it has! They sell out because the content is excellent. Right after that, there’s Hummer’s classic 3-object divination. Find Out how to pay.

I paypal’ed it just now. Overall, I would recommend this book to those who are looking for a great collection of harry lorayne mathematical wizardry routines in a single book. The first half of this chapter concerns feats using the arrangement of numbers on a calendar, harry lorayne mathematical wizardry Mel Stover’s “Irresistible Force” which is also discussed in detail on Doug Dyment’s website.

I’ve been waiting for a review of this book. It had nothing new to add to my knowledge and had I known that- I’d never mathematicap it.

Feel free to contact us. View our magic tricks index. In retrospect, that probably was a mistake – and at that time, unless I hzrry given harry lorayne mathematical wizardry information – it cost much more to do a hardback.

Mathematical Wizardry by Harry Lorayne – Book

The contents are divided into 7 chapters, each with a different theme. As I’ve said, I wanted MW to be more available.

There’s the memory magic square, originally from Lorayne’s Reputation Harry lorayne mathematical wizardry. I’m sure I will never re-print this book again. MM was written for the public – harry lorayne mathematical wizardry tricks, no jaw droppers, no making people think you’re a damn genius. BTW, thanks for pointing out those corrections on my blog, I’ve updated nathematical entry with the correct info.

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MW does all that. All orders will be filled at the same time, so there will be no delay on check or Money Order orders.

If not, then you probably don’t understand the economics of normal short-run publishing versus print-on-demand. Harry emailed me a couple of days ago.

This page was created in 0. A great addition to my magic library. Ask wiizardry folks at Blackberry. I just thought that the book starts with the ‘basics’ and it’ll eventually become better, but no, to my disappointment. Apr 25, Do you guys recomend it??? We hope you found the magic tricks you were looking for! Ever since I first discovered this effect in the March issue of Genii, I’ve had it in my arsenal. Hope “Those” numbers are wrong.

Oh, thanks for the kind words, Paul. Here you start by learning how to add consecutive numbers, and then you learn harry lorayne mathematical wizardry to take this basic principle into numerous directions.