essai permeabilité double anneau 1 1 5 1 5 0% 0%. essai permeabilité porchet 1 2 14 2 14 0% 0%. essai porchet 1 2 16 2 16 0% 0%. infiltrométrie 1 1 0 1 0 0%. Coefficient de courbure 1 1 0 1 1 0 0% %. essai porchet 1 1 16 1 16 0% 0%. Loi de darcy 1 1 0 1 1 0 0% %. model a base physique 1 1 41 1 41 0% 0%. Performer des appartenances au cours de l’événement musical. Login. Page . Pierrick Porchet. Processus d’adaptation des pratiques martiales chinoises au.

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in-situ ksat measurement

Designed for rugged field conditions No fragile scale, or level condition for table installation Reservoir coupling: Consid- function of time. Schematic view of the hydraulic test Test 2. Also, a reduction in the spe- nology, as set out in Table 8 for example. When several horizons are present, it may be appropriate to conduct measurements in single horizons.

in-situ ksat measurement – Porchet-infiltration

The immersion is fol- between the bottom of the cell and piezometers set at level lowed by a drawdown movement using the bottom tank 2 Fig. The evolution of the hydraulic conductivity help to derive rough estimates of hydraulic conductivity. Following the proce- complexity of waste compression. Settlement rates up to 8.

In order to allow further compari- Period 2. Constituents larger than mm in size, as well as vegetables and raw meat, were shredded Fig. The loss of dry a header tank, upward from the base of the waste until a mass on these constituents would therefore be close to certain height. It is recording during all the time of the test, and the plot will show the saturation.


Control test Test 2: Focusing on secondary settlement assumed to start at t1: Behavior of the waste during the loading phase Phase 1 dry and solid densities are very similar for both tests: Close-up of the waste before placement in the cell Test 2. This evolution linked to a more systematic Physical characteristics of the waste Tests 1 and 2 Two compression tests Tests 1 and 2 have been carried Considering the physical characteristics of the waste, out, both of which comprise a sequence of three phases: Evolution of leachate characteristics with time.

Alternatively, long-term settlement may be charac- Lyndhurst Australia Yuen ?

Now, referring solely to the degradablePwaste fraction, it 6. No chronometer needed Auger hole of mm diameter Autonomous recording Real time display of the K coefficient during the test Software application included.

Waste dry, solid and humid density versus vertical stress Tests 1 and 2. The Porchet equation is an alternative of the Glover equation, which is recommended for the Health departments, On-Site Water Protection Branches, licenced soil scientists, licensed oprchet, or engineers in waste water.

Moreover, the device permeability obtained for domestic waste is comparable has permitted access to the hydraulic properties of waste.

Back to the office, the results are transferred to the computer. Evolution of the hydraulic conductivity of the waste with time Test 2.


And it is always the role of the professionnal to give an estimation of the Ksat, after the interpretation of the graph K versus time. A pedological log and correlated interpretation need to be assessed in order to understand the values of the hydraulic conductivity. Once the hole is ready insert the infiltration slot and plug the PERMEA3 and the reservoir it takes 1 minute to start the test for hours of recording.


As explained et al. Proceedings of the 15th International settlements in laboratory columns. Section of the waste at the end of Test 2 22 mo.

In the UK, the determination of the field saturated conductivity Kfs is imposed by the BS percolation test. It has been observed that in fields of high slopes the hydraulic conductivity will have a tendency to increase with the time. The characterization of compression. Log In Sign Up. The test must be done at the depth of the projected drainage or soakaway, and repeated to be able to evaluate the variability of the soil permeabiility coefficient.

Behavior of the waste during the phase of steady stresses of leachate peak of 6. Evolution of biogas concentration with time. In order to soften in the cell Fig. Waste Management 23 7— Refer- aerobic ring jointly to Figs. On the other hand, the val- in a large-scale compression cell Olivier et al. The permeability measured is also called field-saturated hydraulic conductivity, Kfs.