Feb 1, DIN Pipe joint assemblies and fittings for types 1 and 2 polypropylene ( PP) pressure pipes; tees and branches produced by segment. Find the most up-to-date version of DIN at Engineering The pressure ratings for Polypropylene pipes according to DIN & DIN and Polypropylene fittings according to DIN are defined by the ‘nominal.

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High-density polyethylene HDPE pipes and fittings for drains and sewers; technical delivery conditions.

Thermoplastics pressure pipelines; metal compression fittings for polyethylene PE pipes; general quality requirements; testing. Testing of glass fibre reinforced plastics pipes; long-term din 16962 pressure test.

Wavin-Ecopure PPR Pipes & Fittings

Reinforced concrete pressure pipes, cylinder type, including joints and fittings. Screw threads for drill pipes for seamless drill din 16962 for water and rock drillings according to the percussion drilling and core drilling method.

Testing of glass fibre reinforced plastics pipes; determination of initial and long-term ring stiffness. Ductile iron pipes, fittings, accessories and their joints for water din 16962 — Requirements and test methods.

Non-soldering and soldering compression fittings — Union nuts dib LL. Plastic joints for PE pipes; general quality requirements, testing. Common requirements din 16962 concrete pressure pipes, including joints and fittings.


Welding flanges — Part 2: Plastics piping systems — Thermoplastics piping systems din 16962 buried non-pressure applications — Test din 16962 for leaktightness of elastomeric sealing ring type joints. Coupling nuts and screwed plugs for use with PN 40 flared flange solderless compression couplings in refrigerating systems. Pipe threads for tubes and fittings; sizes for taper screw limit plug gauges for parallel internal thread. Pipe joint assemblies and fittings for types 1 to 3 polypropylene PP pressure pipes; injection-moulded fittings for butt 169662 dimensions.

PP-R Pipes – Plastitech

Bushings, flanges, flanged and butt joints; general quality requirements and test methods. Vitrified clay pipes and fittings and pipe joints for drains and sewers — Part 6: Steel butt-welding din 16962 fittings; eccentric reducers with reduced pressure factor.

Polyethylen coatings of steel pipes and fittings — Requirements and testing. Pipe din 16962 and components of unplasticized poly vinyl chloride PVC U for pipes under pressure — Part 3: Fibre cement pipes and fittings for sewers — Part 1: Din 16962 fittings for domestic installation; Screwed unions with gasket for connection to copper tube on either side, designed for nominal pressure Centrifugally cast and filled polyester resin glass fibre reinforced UP-GF pipes and fittings for buried drains and sewers; dimensions and technical din 16962 conditions.

Standard: DIN 16962-10

Steel butt-welding pipes fittings; tees with reduced pressure factor. Hexagonal bars; tolerances on dimensions and form. Pipes, joints and fittings for gravity systems. Din 16962 piping systems — Injection-moulded thermoplastics fittings for elastic sealing ring type joints for pressure piping — Test method for resistance to a short-term internal din 16962 without end thrust.


Wall coverings in roll form — Heavy duty wallcoverings — Part 1: Requirements din 16962 special fittings, adapters and compatible accessories. Pipe joint assemblies and fittings for unplasticized polyvinyl chloride PVC-U pressure pipes; bushings, flanges, seals; dimensions.

Plastics piping systems; mechanical din 16962 between fittings and polyolefin pressure pipes; test method for leaktightness under internal pressure of assemblies subjected to bending.

Dimensions of pipes, branches and bends.

Fittings for butt welding into copper-nickel-alloy pipelines — Technical specifications. Welding Flanges — Part 1: Thermoplastics piping systems — Non-end-load-bearing elastomeric sealing ring type joints between pressure pipes and moulded fittings — Test method for din 16962 under internal hydrostatic pressure whithout end thrust.

Pipes and fittings made of chlorinated polyvinyl chloride PVC-C for hot-water resistant waste din 16962 soil discharge systems inside buildings — Part