Feature Matrix. Here you can check the characteristics of each version of. Contact Digifort. Enter your information below and forward your message. The Digifort Design Tool is a web tool designed to assist the users in.

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With Digifort Enterprise you will have the best digital surveillance IP solution for cameras and alarms available in the market. Subscribe to our Newsletter.

In addition to the features available in other versions of the software, this edition has the possibility of integration of alarm and automation modules, unlimited number of cameras, IP filters and server status reports. In addition to the functions available in the other versions of the software, such as: Allows the visualization in the Monitoring Client of Digifort as well as of all the monitors of the workstation in which it is installed, being able to display a set of screens in the grid interface, simulating a Video Wall, among several other solutions.

Approaching 2,4 Million licenses sold. Digifort Enterprise allows the use of several models of IP cameras and video servers of various manufacturers Check here the lists of cameras supported by the systemhas making possible the choice of hardware which best meets the clients needs.

Intelligent video monitoring software utilizing the highest levels of available technology and providing best performance to suit any requirement.

Digifort Enterprise – BRICOMP

Monitor traffic flow, monitor intruders, deter and investigate criminal activity, enforce traffic laws, enterpries decisions to be taken when investigating accidents or emergencies. Skip to content Malaysia Singapore Indonesia.

Create a safe learning environment, monitor and prevent damaging activities such as use of narcotics or bullying practices, detecting irregular visitors, protecting and preventing property damage from schools and university campuses. For the medium and entedprise client that needs features such as PTZ by joystick, synoptic map, up to 16 unique user profiles and enterpriee connections, web server, camera view through the cell phone, integration with optional Digifort modules, Digifort Professional account also with integration Of the Alarm and Automation modules and Digifort Evidence, giving the customer the complete monitoring, alarm and automation solution.


Today it has more than manufacturers worldwide and over models of devices integrated to the system, complete alarm system and automation, reading automobile license plate, intelligent module of image analysis, integration with any access control system, biometrics, CRM, ERP, city management software, among others.

With the Digifort Mobile Camera digiforg, you can turn your Android or iOS smartphone or tablet into a camera by streaming live video to your Digifort server, allowing viewing on the monitoring client or by other Mobile Clients, this function consumes only one license Camera, as if it were an IP device, allowing total mobility, facilitating the verification of construction sites, containers, among other diverse opportunities of use, of great use for the monitoring system as it allows recording of images where it is not possible to install Cameras.

The IP Filter feature allows the administrator to define a list of authorized and unauthorized IPs for access to the Digifort server, controls the IP at which the user will have login rights, as well as programmed times and days. Capture and record evidence of criminal activity in public areas, create a safe environment for citizens, deter antisocial behavior, monitor and ensure public asset security. Sold in over countries Translated into 18 languages Direct integration with over brand partners.

Detect and monitor intrusion activities, prevent access to sensitive areas, protect valuable property, resources and information, monitor car parking, detect and prevent theft. Live Applied intelligence without video monitoring, providing proactive actions for programmed behavioral situations with automatic event and alarm digigort in addition to valuable statistical information for business intelligence application.

Digifort InSight is a screen capture module that is capable of operating on any computer running the Windows operating system, which functions as an IP camera, encapsulating a camera license and generating video stream to the Digifort entdrprise containing the live video Of the screen of the desktop where it is installed. Recommended for customers who need an application for up to 32 cameras at an affordable cost and with some more advanced enherprise such as Integrated Web Server, with this edition you can control your PTZ cameras through the mouse, providing the operator with just the click on the Control your features.


Design powerful & integrated solutions with Digifort, your way!

This report will contain all actions carried out in the system by the users and the internal functioning of the server. VMS SOLUTIONS Digifort products are carefully designed to offer the highest quality video monitoring and management software, exceeding market standards and expectations, while providing tailor-made features for a wide range of applications. The system even provides remote control of the workstation, allowing to operate multiple systems from a single screen.

Another important feature which Digifort Enterprise offers is the transmission of server functioning reports. Monitoring more than cities.

Complete IP video management platform with advanced alarm management, events, occurrences and automation of environments through a single system, reliable, intuitive with easy configuration and operation.

DIGIFORT Intelligent video monitoring software utilizing the highest levels of available technology and providing best performance to wnterprise any requirement.

Digifort software – installation

Recommended for medium and enterpris users I need a system with unlimited tools and functionality, alarm solutions, access control and automation. Capture, remote control and recording of Windows based computer screens. Digifort Enterprise v Datasheet. Prevent accidents and disasters, ensure the security of facilities and employees, monitor the operation of critical assets and controlling stations, enable analysis and auditing quickly and effectively.

Highly digirort and technological solution for reviewing movie hours recorded at a few moments that provide a summary of all non-playing events, allowing you to quickly find a desired event through color filters, object size, speed, direction and others. Digifort Enterprise is recommended for medium and large-scale users and for those who need a surveillance system with unlimited tools and functions and of high technology, capable of including solutions for alarms, access control and automation.

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