Deivathin Kural – Volume 6 This Book Consists Of Selections From The More Than Discourses Of Kanchi Sankaracharya. It Covers The Topics Of Prayer . 28 நவம்பர் Maha Periyava Kural / Deivathin Kural Book in PDF – Tamil / தெய்வத்தின் குரல் அனைத்து பாகமும் PDF. 7 Sep Deivathin Kural. by Thanks to Sri Ramkumaran. Topics Collection of MahaPeriyavaa’s ArulUrai. Collection opensource. Language Tamil.

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Works deivathin kural Mondays to Saturdays Phone: Periyavaa periyavathaan indha book soft copy irukka namaskarams k.

Can you please mail me the english version pdf. Essence of Bhakti Yoga Rs Please, log in or register.

Needless to mention, I deivathin kural enjoy bliss reading every page.

Interesting Information from the book Deivathin Kural or voice of God

Kindly provide details about url where i can buy deivathin kural copy of Deivathin Kural tamil version. You have no obligation to purchase the product once you know the price. Deivathin Kural book in English — where it deivathin kural be available.? Thanks for the selfless service. Even the size of the books have been reduced to just 20 MB of memory space.


The only issue with this document is lots deivathin kural slokas, deivathin kural texts are lost due to font issue… This may not be a big deal for everyone…. You may also be interested in the following product s Deivathin Kural Set Vol.

Deivathin Kural

Aitareya Upanishadam Rs Sir…would appreciate if you can send the same in tamil to my deivatnin id karupeswara gmail. Can anyone share the english version with me. No, this is the same I posted too…. deivathin kural

Hats off for this tremendrous service. I dont understand Tamil. Mahesh — You may please notify deivathin kural bloggers so that interested persons are benefited — I do not know how to spread this kurak all; Hence the request http: Sir, I had downloaded the Deivathin kural Kural soft copy.

Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. It would be easier deivathin kural you use the now newly introduced unicode font files from kamakoti site, so that the font issues stand resolved.

Deivathin Kural Tamil – All Volumes available in PDF – Sage of Kanchi

You need deivathin kural download it yourself. Click the word PDF to download this. Ideally, the publishers can do this much faster and in a neater way.


Can you provide me a soft copy to my email id vkswamy84 gmail. May MahaPeriyavaa Bless everyone. I prefer in Tamil rather than english. Dfivathin for offline reading, iPad or any handheld devices…. Given that as a precedence, I thought of doing this. Can anyone share the Deivathin kural version deivathin kural me. Can you mail the Tamil version to my mail knp gmail. However, if there are any volunteers in Chennai who can talk to VAnathi and see the possibilities of getting an electronic copy deivathin kural be great.

Please send it to gutcut comcast.

I visited the site deivathin kural you mentioned and could download promptly. Please mail your dievathin id. The other thing is that your desire to make it readable in ipods and hand-held devices.

Both english and tamil would be beneficial. Mahesh, regarding download issue.