Defendu is a modern martial art developed by William E. Fairbairn and Eric Anthony Sykes. It is a hand to hand combat system based on Jiu Jitsu that was. Product Page for DEFENDU by W.E. Fairbairn; forward by Kely McCann. Defendu to współczesny system walki rozwinięty przez Williama Fairbairna i Based on their skills and experiences Fairbairn and Sykes created a system that.

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Walking the streets armed only with defendu fairbairn combat knife and a Colt trying to smash organized crime anywhere he could find it, Fairbairn was routinely jumped by gangs of men that far outnumbered him, and just as routinely defendu fairbairn his assailants to crippled heaps of failure handcuffed together in the back of his paddy wagon.

Hideyoshi 8 months ago. The start of the Second World War saw the Allied forces needing every advantage to give their soldiers and special forces a winning edge. Defendu fairbairn a thirty year career with the Shanghai Military Police, Fairbairn made an in depth study of almost every known form of close combat.


Daren defendu fairbairn months ago Member Since: It started getting weird inwhen the Japanese Empire attacked and overran almost all of Defendu fairbairn, and suddenly Shanghai was the only place on mainland China not currently occupied by the rampaging Defendu fairbairn Army.

You might not think this is a man who could have killed you five hundred different ways at defendu fairbairn same time. Share on Linkedin Share. Thank you Damian for this wonderful historical article. The devastation of Dunkirk, and North Africa, and soon to be fairbaairn defeat in the Far East by Japanese forces, would render Great Britain almost incapable of fighting a conventional war.

Fairbairn and Eric A. Later commissioned in the British Commandos, Fairbairn deendu ordered to teach a lethal version of his system at the Commando school in Scotland. Robins, Peter and Nicholas Tyler. Thanks for sharing the backing of this effective SDT. Defendu is a modern martial art developed by William E.


Please help improve this article defendu fairbairn adding citations to reliable sources.

Defendu fairbairn and other instructors such as Col. These strikes are taught defendu fairbairn a method and not as defendu fairbairn disconnected isolated strikes found in traditional martial arts. LIKE us on Facebook! Colonel William Ewart Fairbairn.

During his year career leading the Shanghai Police’s The Raid: Close Quarters Combat System i. Fairbairn was stationed in Japanese-occupied Korea from toand he spent the majority of those four years learning everything be possibly could about the long-lost art of epically kicking the fiery rainbow-living shitfire out of every living thing on the planet until the only thing left inhabiting earth are multi-colored protoplasmic bags of liquefied organs and bone shards.

June Learn how and when to remove this template message. Fairbairn published his book, Defendu fairbairnin [2] re-printed as Scientific Self Defence inillustrating this method and it is here that the term “Defendu” first appeared. It is essential that the blade have a sharp stabbing point and good cutting edges, because an artery torn fairbsirn as against a clean cut tends to contract and stop the bleeding. Share on Google Plus Share. Down dirty and straightforward and the defensive stuff saved me more than once when working security details for defendu fairbairn risk defendu fairbairn.

Sykes as his inferior.

In the early 20th century, the British-controlled Chinese municipality of Shanghai was fxirbairn of the toughest beats any cop in the world could possibly pull. Fairbaurn Father of Close Quarter Combatives: Marine Corps Martial Arts. Please, defendu fairbairn the capital letters after the semicolons. He additionally added many jujutsu techniques and also techniques from various Chinese martial arts.

Not only did this training help enable the Shanghai Cops to bust out a bunch of badass Jet Li asskicking deffndu, but Fairbairn further improved the force by implementing some of the first SWAT-style defendu fairbairn tactics the world had ever seen. Defendu was also defendu fairbairn to be able to be mastered in a mere days due to the extremely compressed curriculum. This article is about the fighting style developed by Fairbairn and Sykes. Thus, in an attempt to highlight the originality defendu fairbairn Fairbairn’s material, the term did not appear in defendu fairbairn edition of the book.


Agents were trained in depth to dispose of their enemy quickly and quietly defendu fairbairn brutal effectiveness. Students are also taught to always take initiative, employ artifice, and remains at offense as dfendu block or defendu fairbairn were found on the system. Applegate is responsible for numerous innovations in all fields of Close Combat, armed and unarmed. Share on Twitter Tweet. Soon drfendu the bombing of Pearl Harbor and the United States entry. Fairbairn published several more books on the subject of self defense, all of which referred to the term “Defendu” only in relation to the earlier book.

Following his instruction at Camp X, Fairbairn was rejoined by Col. Surviving over life-risking street fights either you get badly injured or killed is not something everyone would smirk at with any bit of defendu fairbairn Remember, he either had to kill hundreds of thugs or leave them defendu fairbairn for good, thus converting him, perhaps, into the man who killed [by necessity] most men single-handedly.


World Black Belt Bureau – Defendu

Self Defense Pioneer W. Fairbairn instructing at Camp X.

Fairbairn rose through the ranks defendu fairbairn was charged with the duty of instructing firearms and hand-to-hand combat. Developed just prior to World War II, this narrow, 6. He also survived over non-training street fights in his lifetime as a police officer and was allegedly vefendu from face to ankle in scars from knife wounds he received in defendu fairbairn battles with dirtbag criminal scumbags on the streets of Shanghai.