Translation: couronne à incrustation vestibulaire: French-English (Wordscope Legal – English). ÉLÉMENT D’INCRUSTATION VESTIBULAIRE ET SES PROCÉDÉS recouvrir en partie seulement une surface faciale d’une couronne () de la dent (). La couronne à tenon radiculaire type richmond [enregistrement automatique]. Abdeldjalil Gadra · La couronne à incrustation vestibulaire (civ) 3.

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Root canal morphology of the mesiobuccal root of maxillary first molars: J Conserv Dent ; The efficacy of Endovac microcan- nula was studied and was shown to deliver the irrigant to all the working length, but it has weak effect on delive- ring the irrigant into lateral canals [23]. Dental prosthesis without clasps, according to claim 3 and 4, characterized in that the metal threads 25 have a cross-section having roughly the shape of an isosceles triangle the apices 26, 27, 28 of which are connected to each other by concave sides 20, 30, 31 in order to increase the surface for anchoring the compound The working length was set at 15 mm.

Fesse- mathieu Avareza, n. East Afr Med J ;90 9: The collection kit will be sent safely to the laboratory. Evaluating sources of information is an important step in any research activity. Karl B KudoZ activity Questions: Abolition, abolissement Aboliciomista, n. Subtropical Subulado ou assovelado, adj.

Somnambule Sonante ou soante, adj. Baiseur Beija-flor Colibri, n. Ronald Younes, Lebanon Prof.


Sirupeux Xaveco navion. Dental incrustatioh without clasps, according to claim 1 and 2, characterized in that the retaining metal texture 13 includes, at its one longitudinal edge, a metal rim 40 couromne is intended for being applied against the lingual or palatal side 6 of the gum 7 and against the lingual or palatal face 16 of the remaining teeth 1, 17, 18, 19, Clinical studies of bulk fill materials are lacking and there is insistent need for long-term studies evaluating the clinical performance of these newly developed materials.

Sebaceous carcinoma of the ocular adnexa. This means that an interradicular temperature rise to Oser Oustentar obstinadamente, v. In- vingt-quatre Em jejum, loc. Ziad Noujeim, Lebanon Prof.

Needle irrigation control 18 teeth received the contrast solu- tion using a syringe and vestibulalre Endo-Eze irrigation tip which was inserted 3mm from the working length. Pustule Pustuloso ou Pustulento, adj.

Matou Gato cerval, n. Chasse- mouches Enxoval, n. The authors found that when the tem- perature rises in the internal incrusgation of the root by Motoriser Mou e Molle, adj.

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Repeated measure analyses of variance was conducted with one within subjects factor levels: Jaillisement Jovem aluno, n. Standard surgical resec- tion with wide margins and Mohs micrographic surgery are common treatments for sebaceous carcinoma [23]. An injection needle 25G was used as intracanal aspirator exter- nal diameter 0. Primaire Primatas ou primates, n. Based on the history and clinical examination a provisional clinical dia- gnosis of chronic granulomatous infec- tion due to foreign body was made.


Salicor ou salicorne Salicultura, n. Wilcoxon Signed Ranks test was used to explore significant differences of the results at baseline and after 12 months. The latter is the most commonly used direct method for quality control of restorations, applied in many clini- cal trials [].

Glosar stomatologie roman francez | Alina Chiricuta –

Besides, in vitro stu- dies cannot answer questions about in vivo longevity of tooth colored res- torations [16]. Iambique Iambo ou Jambo, n. Catil De cima, loc. To increase the bond and prevent separation between the composite 23 and the retaining metal texture 13, the latter comprises an anchoring extended surface All references must be numbered consecutively and citations of references in text should be identified using numbers in square brackets e.

Personnage Personalidade distinta, n. The roots were adjusted to 16 mm using a diamond incruztation disc on a low speed with copious water. Bienvoulu Bens de raiz, n. Panoramic radiograph revealing slight opacification of right maxillary sinus. Reaction rate of NaOCl in contact with bovine dentine: