Bumpology by Linda Geddes – From award-winning science journalist Linda Geddes, a fascinating and practical companion for expectant parents that makes . Bumpology has ratings and 45 reviews. Lexi said: Enjoyable, clear, allows you to reach your own conclusions. Would recommend this to anyone wanting t. 2 Jan From the moment she discovers she’s pregnant, every woman becomes obsessed with the life that’s developing inside her. Linda Geddes was.

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She succeeded in removing contradictions and leaving behind the reasons for morning sickness, what to eat, should you have a drink or two, breast milk and sleeping, what is a normal baby and what about growth charts and do men change when there is a baby and just about anything else you might think of.

And that an epidural can bring enormous relief and even speed up labour in bumoplogy circumstances. However, if the research is inconclusive, Geddes does not have a particular drum to bang on anything. It also means that if you have three glasses of wine approximately 6 units it will take hours bumpologt your milk will be alcohol-free again.

Most of these mythbusters I knew and some were illuminating, others I think the verdict is still out on but still quite a good synthesis on what we now know – although I have read recent articles in NYT and NPR online that contradict some of these, so I think the science is still evolving.

Human chorionic gonadotropin HCGthe hormone detected by pregnancy tests, is produced by the embryo during the early weeks of pregnancy in order to maintain a structure called the corpus luteum, which produces other pregnancy hormones needed to keep the lining of the uterus nice and thick until the placenta is big enough to take over. I used formula for my older daughter once she turned six bumpopogy, and my strategy when out and about was to take some powdered formula in a sterile container and a thermos of boiling bummpology so that I could make up a batch of formula from scratch.

Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Cells in the embryo are also dividing rapidly, leaving them more susceptible to any damage to DNA caused by harmful toxins.

However, research conducted in concluded that microwave ovens can be used to heat baby formula if some precautions bumpologyy taken: She only mentioned medical colic problems and didn’t mention the “fourth trimester.

Bumpology: The Myth-Busting Pregnancy Book for Curious Parents-To-Be by Linda Geddes

Not only am I afraid of needles, I was terrified of tearing, and our teacher had also told us that a c-section would make breastfeeding difficult; would make it hard to bond with our babies; and would take weeks to recover from.


Mar 28, Shelly Donaghey rated it it was amazing Shelves: Dec 20, Neha rated it liked it Shelves: Jul 06, Chelsea rated it liked it Shelves: Several women I spoke to described themselves as night owls, and said they struggled with getting to sleep in the evening and waking up at the time their society expected of them. However, it wasn’t quite what I was hoping for. They are clear and well researched. To try and get to the bottom of this I contacted the World Health Organisation WHOwhich published new guidelines on preparing infant formula in Sixteen-week-old babies whose mothers endured moderate to severe vomiting during the first fourteen weeks of pregnancy were more tolerant of salty drinks than those whose mothers experienced no morning sickness.

One big pro to this approach is the breadth of topics covered.

Most women realize they are pregnant by seven weeks, which is when bumpoolgy most critical point seems to start. Those that have been find that pregnant women often have a desire for salty foods and become less sensitive to the taste, as well as becoming more sensitive to bitter tastes.

When Linda Geddes, a journalist who writes about biology, medicine and technology, became pregnant, she too had questions that either went unanswered or left her with many other questions, so she decided to cut through the BS, research on her own and compile a through list of questions with complete, easy to read and clear answers. Some clues come from a study of pre-industrial communities — often tribespeople — living in remote parts of Bolivia, Namibia or Tanzaniawhich found that they sleep for more or less the same amount of time as we do in industrial societies 5.

Bumpology: The Myth-Busting Pregnancy Book for Curious Parents-To-Be

I wish Geddes would have expanded some columns. It answered many of the questions I had regarding pregnancy and the early days of parenthood. During the research for my book, BumpologyI fell pregnant with my second child, and I was forced to revisit much of what I had been told the first time around.

As pregnant moms, we are told so many things about what we should and shouldn’t do, and many of them contradict! Meanwhile, 45 percent of women who drink more than two units a small glass of wine a day during their third trimester may have a baby with low birth weight, which can increase the risk of developmental or behavioral problems later in life—although the evidence for this is mixed. However, I enjoyed “Expecting Better” much more Basically, it’s a bunch of pregnancy- and baby-related questions and answers.


Birth defects are three times more common in the babies of women who drink more than four and a half units a day, compared to light drinkers and abstainers—but birth defects are still pretty rare. Appreciated the non-judgmental tone, too, and that it allowed you to draw your own conclusions instead of telling you what to think.

December 4, By linda 2 Comments. Fired up for books!

Bumpology | Book by Linda Geddes | Official Publisher Page | Simon & Schuster

Best pregnancy book I’ve read. Linda has come under a lot of criticism for ‘encouraging women to drink in pregnancy’ which just shows how people don’t read or misunderstand scientific reporting’ in fact she says there is little evidence showing small amounts of alcohol harm, in part due to a lack of reliable studies.

I enjoyed her scientific tone and what seemed to be well-researched content.

They found that the two best ways of reducing the risk of infection are: Open Preview See a Problem? Putting on too much weight too quickly may also increase your chances of having hemorrhoids, varicose veins, and stretch marks.

What I didn’t like about the book is that it ended up being a set of unconnected factoids. Linda Geddes is an award-winning British journalist who writes on the science behind certain topics and in her latest book, she turns her eye on pregnancy and newborns.

The subjects are quirky and interesting and the bumoology immensely readable. Jan 25, Amanda rated it really liked it. Sadly Today only gave us three vumpology on air, but I had a much longer chat with Phipps beforehand and I thought people might be interested to hear what she said to me.

Is there anything I can do to reduce morning sickness? So is it wrong to breastfeed if your milk bumpologu ever so slightly boozy? During an outbreak in France bbumpologynine babies fell ill most of them premature babiesand two died. Part of my criteria on the ever-growing list of “Things to Do Before Baby Gets Here” is read several books on the topic.