Home /; Archiv /. BBCH-scale (english). Veröffentlicht: Growth stages of mono-and dicotyledonous plants · PDF (English). Kapitel. Growth stages of. Identifying Growth Stages: BBCH Scale. .. Droopy Leaf or BBCH Scale Method for Determining Leaf Development Stage . 3. Stem Elongation. Existing BBCH scale was modified on the basis of data recorded for mango in which seven out of 10 principal stages were used, starting with bud development .

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Retrieved 29 February Flowering main shoot 7. A general scale provides the framework within which the individual scales within the extended scale bbch scale developed and in turn used for plant species for which currently no specific scale is bgch.

Cereal growth staging scales – Wikipedia

Main shoot and six tillers. By using this site, you agree to the Terms bbch scale Use and Privacy Policy. The BBCH-scale is a scale used bbch scale identify the phenological development stages of a plant.

In other projects Wikimedia Commons. Therefore the germination of plants from one true seed and the sprouting of buds are classified in one principal growth stage, classified a 0 even though they are completely different biological processes. For example, in some countries, nitrogen and herbicide applications must be completed during the tillering stage. bbch scale

Retrieved from ” https: They are represented on a bbch scale from 10 to A high degree of bbch scale in shoots representing principal growth stages viz.

In Francethe recommendation for the first nitrogen application on wheat is 6 weeks before Bbch scale, with the second application scake Z Further scalr are required within the principal growth stage beyond that possible using the secondary growth stages for species such as cucumber, onion, potato, soybean, and tomato.

Bbch scale growth stage 0: University of Kentucky College of Agriculture. The abbreviation of the scale is also said to unofficially represent the four companies that initially sponsored its development; BayerBASFCiba-Geigy and Hoechst. The meso-stage sub-divisions Further subdivision are required within the principal growth stage beyond that possible using the secondary growth stages for species such as cucumber, onion, potato, soybean, and tomato.


Within the description of the general scale, the greater differences in the course of the development of different plant groups have been taken into consideration by bbch scale several definition for one specific stage wherever the formulation of a uniform text is impossible.

The BBCH-scale allows the comparison of individual codes only within one principal growth stage: First flower petals visible ion petalled forms.

Principal growth stages 0. The topic of this article may not meet Wikipedia’s general notability guideline. The study bbch scale that the extended BBCH-scale bgch mango can be widely used because of its utility in describing all phenophases pertaining to bbch scale, shoot, leaf, panicle and fruit development and indicated the incisive growth pattern of the shoots and seasonal variation.

BBCH-scale (english)

Archived from the original PDF on 25 November The principal growth stages alone are not sufficient to define the exact dates for application or evaluation. Shailendra Rajan, Divya Tiwari, V. If notability cannot be established, the article is likely to be merged bbch scale, redirectedor deleted.

This article bvch bbch scale or entirely on a single source.

Retrieved from ” https: Please help improve this article by introducing citations to additional sources. The Feekes scale is a system to identify the bbch scale and development of cereal crops introduced by the Dutch agronomists Willem Feekes bhch End of leaf fall, plants or above ground parts bbch scale or dormant.

Using this method up to bhch leaves can be counted on the main stem or the branching can be described. Zadoks that is widely used in cereal research and agriculture. If only one stage is to be indicated where two are shown then either the more advanced growth stage or the principal growth stage of interest dependant on plant species must be chosen. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Bbch scale and Privacy Policy. The system of ascending numbers describing the principal growth stages do not necessarily provide a bbchh sequence of events, as on occasion some may run in parallel.


Journal of Applied Horticulture,bbch 13, issue 2, pages In order to use primarily phenological criteria rather than homologous or analogous stages, a uniform coding which covers the maximum number of plant species is required. Combining the figures for the principal bbcg secondary stage results in bbch scale production of a two-digit code that offers the possibility of precisely defining bbch scale phenological growth stages for the bch of plant species.

Knowing the stages of development of a crop is critical in many management decisions that growers make. In these cases a three-digit scale is presented alongside the two-digit scale with the inclusion of a meso-stage sub-division with the figures 0 and bbch scale to describe the development of the main stem and figure 2 to 9 describing the development of the side shoots.

Principal bbch scale stage 3: Abstract Contact us Bbch scale Papers. Harvestable vegetative plant parts or vegetatively propagated organs have reached final size. Secondary stages are defined as short developmental steps, characteristic of the respective plant species that are scalle successively during the respective principal growth stage.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. If points of bbch scale or steps in the bbch scale development must be indicated precisely, secondary stages bbch scale used.

Comparison of individual codes The Bbch scale allows the comparison of individual codes only within one principal growth stage: