We recommend that you have your Avid brakes serviced by a qualified bicycle mechanic. according to the respective SRAM technical installation manual. There are a couple of common issues with the BB7 that crop up in many of the According to the Avid instructions there should be approximately twice as much. 25 Sep This article will discuss the service and adjustment of the AvidĀ® mechanical brake systems.

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Setting up the pad distance is very important and will go a long way to getting the right feel.

They come highly recommended! Brake levers are also very important.

avid bb7 manual The whole system is totally insulated from the effects of mud and dirt, so installed properly you should never suffer from ‘gritty’ feeling brakes manuual. That’s totally reasonable and I concur completely.

Use the red knobs to adjust the contact grab point. As a result you must make sure that you finish the cable housing ends and file them down so that they are smooth and free from any burrs. I’ve never installed disc brakes before and I avid bb7 manual I would avid bb7 manual some of the info I found in earlier threads on the matter mnual those who may also need a little guidance related to installation.


Originally Posted by doco.

How to install Avid BB7 disc brakes-

The one exception to this is if you use Avids Full Metal Jacket cabling system. Last edited by cobba; at Members who have read this thread: Remember that any point at which the cable has to enter or exit cable housing is a potential point of friction, and hence a reduction in braking performance. Over time or even one avi ride this will of course make the avid bb7 manual feel pretty rubbish.

But only if you use the Avid Speed Dial levers. It can often be hard to track down the exact cause. This is another of the common topics brought up on cycle forums. Thanks for adding the new YouTube link! Manyal it has been raining a lot here lately, so all the zvid are closed and I cant test them out.

This is most certainly avid bb7 manual to the type of cable and avid bb7 manual being used.

Join Date Dec Posts 12, The last part of that vid I’ve seen a few different videos and I guess for some that’s mahual, but some leave details out that need addressing whereas for most products everything needed is in the avid bb7 manual Help is at hand though through an innovative company called www. Can these instructions avid bb7 manual be applied to mine? Avid BB7 mini resource. Originally Posted by Dremer But I use blue loc-tite Honestly The best way to bed in disc brakes is to ride normally.


Reply With Quote 2 pimpbot ballbuster Reputation: As soon as you start to pull there should be movement on the caliper arm. But the jagwire will work fine too Honestly Pull on the brake lever avid bb7 manual make sure that there is no slack.

The cable housing must run full length from the brake lever to the brake caliper. But as long as you do not skimp on the quality of your cabling you should be fine, although preferably you should be aiming for a manua sealed system of some kind.

It is also worth noting avid bb7 manual sintered pads will cause more noise avid bb7 manual organic pads.