Image analysis software for determining average grain size as per ASTM E and E standards. Edition: 97 (). Supersedes: ASTM E() Alert Withdrawn. Number of pages: Price: NOK 1 ,00 (excl. VAT) NOK 1 ,75 (with VAT). ASTM – Epdf. January 29, | Author: Gowtham Vishvakarma | Category: Micrograph, Heat Treating, Microscope, Optics, Materials Science.

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Start Webshop Product catalog Product presentation. Although any size circle can be used, as long as the circle is larger than the largest grain in the field, relatively small circles are not recommended as the efficiency of the analysis is impaired.

Easily measured with a digitizing tablet; some image editing would be required for automatic image analysis. If the grain size varies within the product, specimen and field selection must adequately sample the variation.

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These methods are based on certain rules to decide which grains that intersect the test area border are fully sized or not sized at all. Fix each micrograph to the tablet e138, for example using masking tape, to prevent movement during analysis.

Either semiautomatic or automatic image analysis devices may be utilized to perform the measurements. If the grain structure is not equiaxed but elongated, then grain size measurements on specimens with different orientations will vary. Calibration and Standardization For such structures, use the lowest possible magnification, or use semiautomatic devices. This measurement can be performed using field averages, as described in When using an eyepiece reticle, use of a single test circle, of diameter significantly s1382 than the largest grain, is recommended to minimize operator fatigue.


When using a live microscope image and an eyepiece reticle, simply select more fields, at random, until at least total counts are made. On each micrograph, mark off or number each grain fully within the borders of the print.

ASTM E1382:97(2015)

This measurement can be performed using field averages, as described in paragraphs All grains intersecting the test area border must be deleted from the image see Table 1. Determine the average enlargement factor of the measured features and multiply this value by the magnification of the contact print. No further reproductions authorized. All grains intersecting the test area border should be e3182 from the image.

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Sampling location and frequency should be based upon agreements between manufacturers and users. Hence, there are three pairs of statistically identical oriented test lines for intersection or intercept counts: Already Subscribed to this document.

A variety of approaches can be employed. It is assumed that when a number of fields are measured, the differences between the original measurement test area and the detected feature area asmt the grain boundary area balance out.

The nature of the heat treatment is usually important, particularly the tempering temperature, if used.

Users of this standard are expressly advised that determination of the validity of any such patent rights, and the risk of infringement of such rights, are entirely their own responsibility. However, these techniques must be used with caution because skeletonization can produce false grain boundaries and watershed segmentation may not produce grain boundaries between two adjacent grains with similar color or gray level. With an inverted-type microscope, simply place the specimen face down on the stage plate and hold it in place with the stage clamps.


ASTM – E1382.pdf

If the histogram reveals a duplex e138, calculate s for the intercepts within each region of the distribution curve. The grain boundaries of a single phase microstruc- ture are detected in the manner described in Grains intersecting the test area border must be deleted see Table 1.

Proceed to Checkout Continue Shopping. For this example, we obtain 2. We are a non-profit axtm that run this website to share documents. Also, minor deviations from equiaxed conditions may accentuate these differences.

The benefits of a subscription: Consequently, preparation of longitudinally oriented specimens, where the plane-of-polish is parallel to the deformation axis or grain elongation direction, is recommended. Semiautomatic Digitizing Tablet Again, this technique works best with relatively coarse-grained steels. Grain contrast 1 and tint etchants 1,2 are very effective because they generally provide full delineation of the grain structure. You can download and open this file to your own computer but DRM prevents opening this file on another computer, including a networked server.