The Paid Companion [Amanda Quick, Michael Page] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The Earl of St. Merryn needs a woman. About The Paid Companion. “Once again, the incomparable Quick has whipped up a delectable Regency romance” (Booklist)—about an ice-cold business. The Earl of St. Merryn needs a woman. His intentions are purely practical—he simply wants someone sensible and suitably lovely to pose as his betrothed for a .

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A lot of friends loved this book but I just could not connect to the couple. One of the best things about the books is its humor, much of which emerges in the dialogue.

That is just the type of person she is. Merryn appears to be hiding a secret or two, and things seem oddly amiss in his gloomy London home. The interactions between her and Arthur are really enjoyable to read and the banter companio teasing between them is wonderful.

Books of the Week. The supporting characters work. Quick for yet another moving, humorous, addictive read. He is honorable, extremely smart, and loyal to those he considers under his protection. Who is investigating amsnda murder of his Great Uncle, and who decides that getting a fake fiancee would somehow help him an excuse to be in town without actually having to pay attention to all the social swirl.

But when he encounters Miss Elenora Lodge, the fire in her golden eyes sways him to make a generous offer. Elenora has been left with practically nothing after the death of her stepfather. Nov 01, Becca rated it really liked it. Also, she is not scared of him as most people tend to find him so reserved he is scary.

He sets upon an ideal solution: This was a lot of fun to listen to although I suspect I might not have enjoyed it as much had I read the book. Merryn needs a woman. To ask other readers questions about The Paid Companionplease sign up.


The Paid Companion by Amanda Quick

Stay in Touch Sign up. It’s obvious he likes the heroine but it was in amandx dry way, I needed some sweeping romance that wasn’t provided.

I’d recommend getting this on audio if you can.

I particularly loved this book and have read it many times since it first came out. Which made me more than usually impatient with the supernatural trappings that intruded into an otherwise fine romantic story. The sexy times made me blush at stoplights, and occasionally laugh out loud.

The reveal was suspenseful, and I hadn’t figured out who the villain was until the correct ti I listened to this on audiobook while I made my Christmas cards, and it was an enjoyable read and kept me entertained while I attended to my crafting. The last thing he wants is to have to deal with the Ton and the many mothers throwing their eligible daughters at him.

I quite liked Arthur as well. Because she isn’t supposed to leave with anything other than her clothes, but she had a plan and it worked. Want to Read saving….

Finally a historical romance where I enjoyed both the romance and the actual plot! Dec 26, Wollstonecrafthomegirl rated it it was ok. I was so enraptured that the whole 5 hour drive home, I stopped once for a milkshake and even then it was through the drive through so I could keep listening.

The first half of the novel focused more on the characters which I LOVEDwhile the second half picked up the mystery element at the expense of the romance. The simplest solution is to hire a paid companion. The dialogue and banter are great. I am about to finish Stephen King’s Blaze. The plot was poorly put together a Would defiantly never re-read or recommend this book to anybody: A wealthy woman of 26 gets swindled out of her inheritance, gets a job as a paid companion to a woman who dresses only in purple who unfortunately no longer needs thw help, and then storms into her employer’s office to demand a better job than the reprobates and lechers she has thus far had for interviews.


The Paid Companion by Amanda Quick |

Published March 29th by Jove first published January 1st qucik It’s Amanda Quick so the writing is of course good and like I said, many others have loved this, I’m just not one of amada. But the mystery part was unnecessary lol I skimmed over those parts. While she played the part of his paid companion, Arthur searched for the murderer of his great-uncle George.

Naturally, Arthur has other ideas. She plans to own her own bookstore one day but in order to finance this dream and support herself in the meantime, she has taken up work as a paid companion.

When people are told to do something, i 4. It say a lot that after at least 3 years I still remember this book.

The romance between Elenora and Arthur is sweet too. It all seems to be working well for Elenora and Arthur, at least until the butler eavesdrops comapnion them.


This is not a “hot read” but it was much more like real life which I appreciated. Arthur, Earl of St. H and h were both ok. I can’t think of much that makes me feel strongly about them one way or the other. I’d say, overall, I actually did like this book – until the end. That’s when I gave up on the “love story. Companiom much everyone gets to be competent.

In Amanda Quick’s The Paid Companion, she told us a daring historical romance paaid had action, adventure, drama and plenty of romance in one wonderful book.