Vasubandhu’s “Abhidharmakosa-Bhasya” (ca. ), besides its culminating achievement in streamlining the overall structure of the exposition of the. In the following articles we propose to take upon ourselves the task of translation into English the nine chapters of the Chinese Abhidharmakosa which is entirely. abhidharmakośa-bhāṣya; 解釋: Vasubandhu’s auto-commentary to his Abhidharma-kośa in which he criticizes the interpretations of the Vaibhāṣikas and others.

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Views Read View source View history. Vasubandhu’s brilliant critique of the doctrines of the Vaibhasika was answered by the equally brilliant Samghabhadra – a contemporary staunch defender and expounder of the doctrines of the Vaibhasikas – in his masterwork, the ” Abhidharmanyayanusara “, now extent only in Hsuan-tsang’s translation A.

In this chapter the author deals with Pudgalavada and Atma-vada with special reference to the dharma theory.

But this translation was not verbatim. Abhidharmakosha means something in BuddhismPali. For this reason it came to be regarded as a standard work, full of Abhidharmic matters.

Fen pieh ken p’in ti erh. Please write feedback here Here you can read media articles about the Chinese Buddhist Encyclopedia which have been published all over the world. The Abhidharmakosa, the master work of Vasubandhu, saw the light of day when belonged to the Sarvastivadins.

P’o chih wo p’in ti chiu.

In other words, the Abhidharmakosa may be said to be a summary of the entire Vibhasasastra. This work was held in high esteem generally and great importance was attached to it. But his brother, Vasubandhu, who was initially a Sarvastivadin I ch’ieh yu pu later came under abidharmakosa influence of his brother Asanga and became a Yogacarin.

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The text comprises two parts and — a bare text of verses called the Abhidharmakosa karikar and verses of preso commentary called the Abhidharmakosa bhasya.

Abhidharmakosa Vrtti Marmadipa

Below are abhidharmakosq links for the most relevant articles:. Annamaya Abhidharakosa is the outer most and physical form of a human being- that is the human body The Crude Mind is called the Kamamaya Kosa. Retrieved from ” http: By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Fen pieh hsien sheng p’in ti liu. Added to these qualities is its great value as a brilliant critique and insightful re-evaluation of all the fundamental Sarvastivada doctrines developed up to its time.

The Great Chariot by Longchenpa. Four Stages Arhat Buddha Bodhisattva.

Treasury of Abhidharma – Rigpa Wiki

The Abhidharmakosa includes nine chapters which are as follows: Modern translations have been abhidharmaakosa into English, French and Russian. In this respect, it may be compared with the Abhidhammattha Sangaha Sheng fa chi yao lun of Anuruddhacariya A nou lou to o she li which is regarded as an introduction to the Theravada School of Buddhism. Without proper Tibetan rendering support configuredyou may see other symbols instead of Tibetan script. Abhidarmakosa means “to think”, and it is this Book containing references from the Puranas on the religious and mythological significance o Fen pieh ting p’in ti pa, and.

Abhidharmakosha, Abhidharmakośa, Abhidharma-kosha: 1 definition

Vasubandhu’s ” Abhidharmakosa-Bhasya ” ca. He then went to his mother’s grave site, and built a 5′ x8′ hut out of five-inch sorghum stalks. Add your comment or reference to a book if you want to contribute to this summary article. While referring to the Monastery of Divakaramitra, he further says that great devotees and profound scholars of Buddhism were found teaching their disciples the Abhidharmakosa 2.


If this text presents the different topics from the Vaibhashika point of view, Vasubandhu also wrote an autocommentary, the Auto-Commentary on the Treasury of Abhidharma Skt. The first eight chapters are comprised of six hundred karikas.

An English translation of the chapter titles, including the title of the 9th chapter of Vasubandhu’s commentary, is:. Below you will find the 15 most relevant articles:. This page was last edited on 2 Augustat At this time, he left the jhome lofe, taking the ten precepts of a Shramanera. Retrieved from ” http: A-ak Bayes 15th ed. Dignaga ‘s commentary, the Abhidharmakosa Vrtti Marmadipa also includes many sutra quotations. But it will not be out of place if we preface a few lines, with Vasubandhu, the original writer, and his Abhidharmakosa before discussing the actual work.

An Abhidharma text written by Vasubandhu before he converted to Mahanyana Buddhism. There are many commentaries written on this text, including an autocommentary by Master Vasubandhu entitled Abhidharmakoshabhasya. Vasubandhu elaborates on the causes [note 1] and conditions [note 2] involved in the production of results, [note 3] karma being one source of causes and results, the “ripening cause” and “ripened result.

For this reason the authors of this work came to be known as Vaibhasikas P’i p’o sha lun shih as distinct from Sautrantikas Ching liang chia who laid the foundation for another Sarvastivadin School.