Bosch Rexroth AG. A4VSO Series 10, 11 and 30 | RE / Type code for Standard program. A4VS. O. /. –. 1) for preferred program information, refer to the Bosch Rexroth Country Unit offices in your country .. The variable pump (A)A4VSO is suitable for operation on. troubleshooting of the A4VSO series 1, 2 and 3 axial piston variable pump. Read these hydraulic fluid for operation with Rexroth axial piston units and.

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Bremote controllable pressure rezroth HD. The HS4P a4vso rexroth pump system is equipped with mounted pressure transducer, which means that it can be used for electric pressure and a4vso rexroth pump control. It is designed for stationary or mobile applications Device Description: The power, pressure and swivel angle control of the A4VSO…DFE1 variable pump is performed by means of an electrically controllable proportional valve.

Quantity The minimum purchase order quantity for the product is 1.

Rexroth Pump A4vso Price

The A4VSO precisely provides the required volume flow a4vsk regardless. From the consumer, the hydraulic fluid flows back rexrooth the tank via the directional valve. Flushing is recommended with a4vso rexroth pump mounting drive shaft facing upwards in order to ensure lubrication of the front bearing and shaft seal.

If you are a human and are seeing this field, please leave it a4vso rexroth pump. The hydraulic fluid should be selected so that within the operating temperature range, the viscosity lies within the optimum range; see shaded section in the selection diagram. Flow is proportional to drive speed and displacement. With an open circuit, the hydraulic fluid flows from the tank to the variable pump and is transported from there to the consumer via a directional valve.

Deactivating this cookie rsxroth stop permitting the orders. Over 10, pumps in service worldwide.

It provides variable volume flow adjustment and very good priming properties with low noise level and rapid control response. The pump displacement is steplessly adjustable depending on the flow of pilot fluid in ports X1 and X2. The use a4vso rexroth pump check valves in the case drain line must be avoided. This hyperbolic power control keeps the specified drive power constant, whereby the power characteristic can be controlled remotely.


Electrically or electronically controllable. In order to reduce the operating noise level, all connecting lines suction, pressure and case drain lines must be de-coupled from the tank, ;ump flexible elements. A4vso rexroth pump any question about a product, an order. The cookie lasts for 30 days. a4vso rexroth pump

The A4vso rexroth pump is an axial piston variable pump with swashplate reexroth for hydrostatic drives in open circuits. If disabled the store default currency will be shown. With a programmed sequence control, various intermediate displacements can be selected by means of built-on limit switches or a potentiometer for swivel-angle feedback.

Bosch Rexroth Hydraulic Axial Piston Variable Pumps Type A4VSO

The control is proportional to the specified pilot rexrotg set point. New Hydraulic variable axial piston pumps in swash plate design for hydrostatic drives in open circuit operation Size: By adjusting the a4vso rexroth pump plate angle it is possible to infinitely vary the output flow.

If cookie is disabled you’ll see the site in the original language. It is very reliable and minimizes unscheduled downtimes. Domestic and export sales enquiries are welcome from end users, original equipment machinery manufacturers and a4vso rexroth pump suppliers from rexgoth industrial sectors.

Axial piston pump in a4vso rexroth pump plate design for hydrostatic drives in open circuit operation The flow is proportional to the input drive speed and displacement By adjusting the swash plate angle it is possible to infi nitely vary the output flow Excellent suction characteristics Low noise level A4vso rexroth pump service life Modular design Short response times Variable through drive options Visual swivel angle indicator Optional mounting position Operation on HF-fluids under reduced operational data possible A special version is available for operation with HFC-fluid contact HYQUIP for a4vso rexroth pump information General Function: Necessary 1 Preferences 2 Statistics 2 Cookie Policy Necessary Necessary cookies help make a website usable by enabling basic functions like page navigation and access to secure areas a4vso rexroth pump the website.

The core element of the hydraulics More than 10, pumps have gone into service sinceensuring uninterrupted reliable operation of large engines with electro-hydraulic control. The pump rotation reverse too, naturally. Stepless adjustment of the pump displacement according to the pilot pressure.

A4VSO- the continuous operator – Bosch Rexroth AG

a4vso rexroth pump Cookie which makes possible to choose the currency you would like. Cookie we use to offer you the possibility to switch the language of our contents. This provides, and keeps the products inside your shopping cart. For extensive information on the selection of hydraulic fluids and application conditions please consult our data sheets RA mineral oilsRA ecologically acceptable fluids and RA HF-fire resistant fluids. Pumo displacement is increased in proportion to the pilot pressure in PSt.


A4vso rexroth pump about any product.

The minimum purchase order quantity for the product is 1. The rexrotg is steplessly controlled via an electric variable motor. Durability Variable a4vso rexroth pump flow adjustment Low noise level Rapid control response Very reliable Minimizes unscheduled downtimes.

Regarding supply of pressurized oil for the electro-hydraulic control of the combustion process in a large a4vso rexroth pump, ruggedness and a high level of efficiency are the critical factors:. It is a4vso rexroth pump texroth stationary or mobile applications.

On certain selected HFC-fluids, pump sizes …, executed in accordance to RA can be operated with the same pressures and speeds as on mineral oil.

(A)A4VSO – 10 & 30 – Variable displacement pumps – Bosch Rexroth USA

The DS1 speed control controls the secondary unit in such a way that the necessary torque is available for the required speed. When the electric engine is switched rexeoth and the actuator rexorth is depressurized, a4vso rexroth pump pump swivels to maximum displacement by means of spring force Vg max.

In order to obtain optimum efficiency and service life, we recommend that the operating viscosity at operating temperature be selected in the range. Hydraulic variable axial piston pumps in swash plate design for hydrostatic drives in open circuit operation. Visit our website for more a4vso rexroth pump. Regarding supply of pressurized oil for the electro-hydraulic control of the combustion process in a large engine, ruggedness and a high level of efficiency are the critical factors: The flow can be steplessly changed by controlling the swashplate.

The axial a4vso rexroth pump rfxroth is designed and built for the generation, the control and the regulation of a hydraulic fluid flow. The pressure can be steplessly set on the control valve setting range 20 to bar.